For 1 out of 5 psyche disorders after the diagnosis of Covid – Medicine

About one in five people have psychiatric disorders between 14 and 90 days after the diagnosis of Covid-19. This is the main data that results from an extensive research with a study on 69 million medical records of which 62,354 with a diagnosis of Covid-19, conducted by the Department of Psychiatry of the University of […]

‘Four in ten pregnant women face discrimination’ | NOW

Four in ten women who are pregnant or who have just had a baby are still disadvantaged in the labor market. This is reported by the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights on Monday based on a study into pregnancy discrimination in the Netherlands. Nothing has changed compared to previous studies, says the human rights institute. […]

Ulss 6 Euganea launches SOS, the Smart Ostomy Support

“The crisis brings progress”. This thought Albert Einstein. And nothing could better describe the innovative SOS service and related app – Smart Ostomy Support, the first example of “connected care” for people with ostomy, incontinence and recanalization. This is a completely new care modality, which cannot be ignored in order to effectively respond to the […]

Putin called citizens’ claims to the state justified :: Politics :: RBC

Vladimir Putin and Daniil Egorov (Photo: Russians have many complaints against the authorities, and, as a rule, well-founded ones. This was announced by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the head of the Federal Tax Service Daniil Egorov, reports press service of the Kremlin. Egorov reported to the head of state that the […]

FLAME AND SHOCK ?! The plane landed without Gott

Many would assume that this time the eldest daughter Slavík is serious about her words and will settle in the Czech Republic. After all, she found an apartment, a job here and wanted to start again. At the same time, he became a closely watched personality, in which both the Czech and German media became […]

A singer targeted by a lynch? White won’t like this!

According to White people think that when it is not possible to sing, the singers basically have time off and enough money for that. He therefore tries to tame such opinions. “No one is rich enough to stop working now – and not at all,” White admitted. In addition, the singer bought a cultural house […]

Superjob: half of Russians manage to combine work with personal life

Almost half of Russians (48%) believe that they have managed to achieve a balance between work and personal life, according to a survey by the Superjob job search service. Research results lead RBK… 41% of the respondents adhere to the opposite point of view: 38% pay more attention to their career, 3% – to their […]