Another 11 lists of DB with electronic signature, the CEC left them

The co-chairs of “Democratic Bulgaria” Atanas Atanasov and Hristo Ivanov. The Commission requests data from the district governors on how they are registered all candidates in the elections on July 11 and April 4 There are 11 more candidate lists of “Democratic Bulgaria” for the parliamentary elections on November 14, whose registration documents were submitted […]

Slavi Trifonov set a condition for forming a coalition – Elections

October 13, 2021 17:00 8163 37 Usually every 10 years the state conducts a census of all people living in Bulgaria, regardless of whether they are adult Bulgarian citizens, minor Bulgarian citizens or permanently residing foreign citizens. All people are counted. This was written by the leader of ITN Slavi Trifonov Stanislav Todorov Trifonov is […]

Here are the numbers on the ballot papers – Elections

October 13, 2021 10:00 4160 0 The Central Election Commission drew the numbers of the parties and coalitions in the ballot for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. A total of 23 presidential couples submitted documents for registration with the CEC to run in the November 14th presidential race. According to the sociologists with the […]

“We were convinced that with the vaccine we would win by walking”

As a balance to the debacle that the defeat in the PASO produced in the ruling party Jorge Ferraresi left a confession on Tuesday: “We were convinced that with the vaccine we won the election by walking and people slapped us “. The Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of Alberto Fernández thus defined the […]

Kadiev showed data due to which Radev will lose the elections TABLE

I do not want to spoil your Sunday, but if you are a business owner, tomorrow you will pay for the most expensive energy in Europe. I enclose a file with the prices hour by hour for tomorrow. For convenience, see the penultimate line, which gives a price of 24 hours for base energy. This […]

Rui Costa razed Benitez and is the 34th president of Benfica

​​​​​​​ Luís Antunes and Miguel Pataco Today at 01:18 Former player of the club won an expressive victory in the election that took 40,085 members to the ballot box of Luz (which corresponds to 808,298 votes), surpassing the record established last year. Official results were released after 3.30 pm on Sunday, after a second count […]