Eric Adams wins New York mayoralty

He becomes the second black mayor in the history of the American economic and cultural capital. Eric Adams, an African-American, former police officer and anti-racist trade unionist, was elected mayor of New York, announced on the evening of Tuesday, November 2, the American channels CBS and NBC, based on preliminary results. The 61-year-old Democratic elected […]

He cannot accept the fact that he has lost / GORDON

Biden noted that Trump became the first president in US history to refuse to acknowledge the election results. “For the first time in our history, the president not only lost the election, but tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power when an angry mob broke into the Capitol. We must make sure that such […]

Hidalgo wants to get out of “hospital-business” approach

PS presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo proposed on Tuesday to move away from the “hospital-business” approach which, according to her, refers to “funding based on accounting indicators” that does not correspond to health needs. “I want to get out of this hospital-business approach that has lasted for many, many years, with funding based on accounting elements […]

The “pendulum” and authoritarianism marked the elections in Latin America in 2021

MARACAIBO VENEZUELA – The change of course to the left marked the elections in Latin America in 2021, while some governments, such as those of Argentina and Mexico, maintained power with stumbles in voting. Also, there were international questions about the democratic nature of the elections in Nicaragua and Venezuela. The Latin American political scene […]

Biden told if he will run again

President of the United States Joe Biden The head of the White House, Joe Biden, announced his readiness to fight again with his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump. US President Joe Biden said he plans to take part in the 2024 elections, everything will depend on his state of health. About this on Wednesday, December 22, […]

Chile elected a new president

Chilean presidential race winner Gabriel Borich The incumbent head of state Sebastian Piñera congratulated Gabriel Borich, who will take office next March. According to the voting results in the second round of the presidential election in Chile, a representative of the coalition of the left won the victory with 55.81% of the vote I approve […]

Chile returns to the polls to elect its president | Chile in DW | DW

Chile elects president this Sunday (12/19/2021) in an unprecedented second round due to the confrontation of two opposing options, with projects that promise a change to the social model or the continuity of the free market. The far-right lawyer José Antonio Kast, 55, faces the young left-wing deputy Gabriel Boric, 35, the minimum age to […]

In Libya, the military seized the government building – media

Photo: Armed people seize all significant infrastructure in Libya Armed people participating in the seizure of power are included in the Battalion of the Al Samoud Brigade. They say there will be no presidential elections on December 24th. In the Libyan capital Tripoli on Wednesday evening, December 15, armed men seized the presidential palace […]

Almost a third of Ukrainians are ready to vote for Zelensky again

Zelenskiy has the most political support among Ukrainians The current and previous presidents remain in the top of the electoral rating. The gap between the two is about eight percent. The incumbent President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to lead the rating of political sympathies of Ukrainians. He would receive about 30% of the popular vote if […]