Here are the risks of early retirement

The UK’s National Statistics Office (ONS) has warned that workers between the ages of 50 and 65 leaving the workforce could have a negative impact on both people’s finances and the wider economy. The Living Longer: The Impact of Home Work on Older Workers study estimates that if the employment rate of people in the […]

Keith Raniere’s lawyer reveals list of 117 victims “due to technical error”

Keith Raniere, company leader Executive Success Programs (ESP, for its acronym in English) and founder of the NXIVM sect, was sentenced to 120 years in prison on October 27, 2020, under the charges of sex trafficking Y child abuse. Steven A. Melcaft II, one of his lawyers, inadvertently revealed the list of victims. Melcaft II, […]

El Salvador, Honduras or Canada possible rivals for the Olympic ticket

The Mexican National Team U23 Y U.S will meet their respective rival today to play the Semifinals of the Concacaf pre-Olympic Course to Tokyo 2020. The Savior will seek to impose their hierarchy and stay with the victory that allows them to advance to the next phase before a Haiti that their participation in the […]

The drug is also trafficked in books, flowers or chocolates sent by courier

The grocer enter to laboratory silent. In his hands he carries a box. Two policemen escort him. As soon as they reach a laminate table, they open the package and the place fills with a thinner-like smell. “It seems that it is; that’s how the cocaine”Says a agent. In the bag there is cream, shampoo, […]

AstraZeneca updates its vaccine efficacy rate to 76% after reviewing its US study

AstraZeneca vaccine vials. EAstraZeneca has updated the average efficacy rate of its Covid vaccine to 76% to prevent symptomatic diseases after review preliminary results of its phase III study carried out in the US, Peru and Chile, which showed 79%. The average effectiveness rate is somewhat lower than advertised in the preliminary results released Monday […]

VIDEO: Man shoots in broad daylight at people in a playground in New York

The shooter was traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle, and when he was passing in front of the Magenta Playground in the Allerton neighborhood, he began to shoot. Authorities in New York, United States, are looking for the man who shot a group of people gathered in a playground in the Bronx. The shooting […]

US-Russia tension on high: Putin does not plan to talk with Biden

The Kremlin spokesman warns that the Russian president does not plan to hold talks with his American counterpart due to Biden’s lack of preparation. When asked about the possibility of a dialogue between the presidents of Russia and the United States after Joe Biden’s insulting comments about Vladimir Putin, the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, […]

Shooting reported at Supermarket in Boulder, Colorado

Through social networks, a active shooting in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, and images of the unfortunate event show multiple victims. According to Boulder police, the shooter was inside the Mall, where he started shooting in the supermarket and the police also responded to the attack. ALERT: Active Shooter at the King Soopers on Table […]