Information about the rallies in Vienna

Numerous meetings indicated, some prohibited – around 1,300 executives on duty – Vienna’s inner city should be avoided Vienna (OTS) – Time: 11/20/2021 Location: Vienna For Saturday, November 20, 2021, numerous gatherings were reported to the Vienna State Police Directorate in Vienna. Due to the various demonstration routes, temporary traffic obstructions are to be expected […]

The FSIE renews the executive of the Region and advances its most strategic projects

The fourth regional congress of the Federation of Independent Teaching Unions (FSIE) of the Region of Murcia was held this Friday at the Rincón Huertano restaurant, with the aim of analyzing the organization’s management in the last legislature, voting for new members of the regional executive for the next four years and establish the general […]

Kuzin announced the update of the list of professions for compulsory vaccination

Photo: Unsplash The lists of professions for compulsory vaccination against coronavirus will be constantly updated The Ministry of Health has approved a list of professions for compulsory vaccination. It includes employees of educational institutions and executive authorities. The list with professions for compulsory vaccination against coronavirus infection will be updated. About this on Wednesday, October […]

Vitrenko: We extract gas more expensive than we sell

Photo: Naftogaz Naftogaz promises to soon name the cost of gas production The head of Naftogaz denies the statement of the executive director of NJSC that the cost of gas production is 1 hryvnia. The cost of gas production for Naftogaz is higher than the price of its sale, said the head of the company […]

donated vaccines arrived thanks to the management of the Executive, they clarify

After the president of the distributor La Policlínica, Norman Harrison, gave his speech in a political campaign for the PLRA in the city of Limpio, where he spoke about the management of vaccines, from the National Health Surveillance Directorate (Dinavisa ) clarify that all Pfizer vaccines arrived in the country thanks to the efforts of […]

Jorge Paradela joins the executive committee of Sevilla directly

Sevilla intends to make a very important qualitative and quantitative leap in the club’s line of business and commercial relations, everything that involves income unrelated to sports activity and capital gains from the sale of footballers. The choice of a person with vast experience in this framework, such as Jorge Paradela, a former Heineken executive, […]