Play in the Arizona desert

The whipping of rivals in the last three years and five months has enraged the yellow faithful on social media. They are 1,249 days looking at the sky and reviewing the test tube of nonsense. Incendiary notes that have been repelled by Mel, the guardian of Roque Nublo. The climate here is exceptional. I have […]

China to build a “clean” nuclear reactor

China will create a “clean” nuclear reactor A “clean” reactor does not need water and can be used in desert regions. At the same time, the probability of nuclear waste leakage is minimal. The first “clean” nuclear reactor will be built in China. About it informs LiveScience Monday 26 July. The Chinese nuclear reactor is […]

Artificial rain – rainfall-making technologies tested in the UAE – video

In the United Arab Emirates, where a woman is being prepared for a flight into space for the first time, managed to artificially cause rain in the 50-degree heat. About it informs local weather forecast portal Storm Center. “It rained north of the village of Hatta in the UAE in the Hajar mountain range, in […]

The Sage will soon arrive in Black Desert: Online

The Sage, the next class for MMORPG Black Desert, will be available on PC next Wednesday and playable on consoles from March 31st. Pearl Abyss has announced this through its press portal. Whoever thinks of the Sage probably thinks of how this is portrayed in many RPGs. As a sort of mega-healer with some powerful […]

Carcaixent leaves the Xaro Vidal theater prize void

The jury of the 2020 edition of the Xaro Vidal award, after the corresponding deliberation and voting, agreed by majority to leave the Xaro Vidal Children’s Theater award, Ciutat de Carcaixent, as reported yesterday by the town council. The contest, born in 1998, was endowed with a prize of 3,000 euros and its trajectory has […]

New York marks the arrival of 2021 with an almost deserted Times Square

New York, Jan 1 (EFE) .- Unlike what happened in the last century, New York marked the arrival of the new year with a practically deserted Times Square, in which only a handful of essential workers and the agents deployed in the area were able to witness the descent of the iconic and huge ball. […]

Unexpected object discovered in the middle of the Utah desert

It was during a helicopter trip over the red desert landscape of Utah, USA, that a team from the Wildlife Resources Division discovered a monolith in the middle of nowhere last Wednesday. Its origin is unknown, but there are already several theories emerging on social networks, between extraterrestrial life and the fanatics of the film […]