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Study Reveals Concerns Over Out-of-Control Tipping Culture at Restaurants

The Tipping Debate: Is it Getting Out of Control?


If you think that tip request screens are appearing in strange places, you are not alone.

Raising concerns about Tipping Culture

Nearly 3 in 4 people think tipping culture has gotten out of control and more than half believe that businesses are replacing employee salaries with customer tips, according to a recent survey conducted by WalletHub.

The survey revealed that 78% of respondents believed that automatic service charges should be banned, and that half of respondents left tips due to social pressure.

The Tipping Dilemma: An Expert’s Perspective

“It is becoming an issue and should this feeling of tip burnout reach a crescendo, there could be negative outcomes for individuals who rely on tips as their primary source of income,” said Cortney Norris, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Oklahoma State University.

Stats Indicate Growing Discontent

A recent survey conducted by USA TODAY Blueprint found that tipping culture may be hitting a tipping point.

63% of respondents expressed their concern about an increasing number of places that ask for tips, and 48% mentioned they were tired of being constantly prompted to tip.

The survey also showed that 52% of respondents were tipping more, while 10% were tipping less, indicating a growing disparity in tipping behavior.

Experts Respond to the Changing Landscape

“Businesses should increase wages so staff members do not always think that tipping or getting higher tips is the best way of making money in restaurants and bars,” suggested Muzzo Uysal, Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Isenberg School of Management – University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Impact of Minimum Wage and Wage Equality

A new law is set to be implemented in California, which will increase the minimum wage for fast food restaurants with over 60 locations nationwide.

According to Human Rights Watch, eliminating the subminimum wage system for tipped workers not only increases their earnings but also reduces issues like harassment in the workplace and poverty.


Tipping culture is a topic of continuous debate, with concerns raised about its reach and impact on workers. As more people voice their opinions and demand change, it remains to be seen if tipping practices will undergo reforms to provide a fairer and more transparent system.

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