Where is the Coldest Place in the Universe? Page all

KOMPAS.com – If asked where is the coldest place on Earth, you would probably answer Antarctica. But, if asked where is the coldest place at universewhat would you answer? Also read: Dome Fuji, The Place That Has the Coldest Temperature on Earth The coldest place in the universe is Nebula Boomerangthe coldest object ever found […]

The partner of billionaire Bezos is going to space. With a female crew

“They will be women who have achieved something in the world, have influence and have something to say,” revealed the 53-year-old Sánchezwho previously also worked as a journalist. Bezos, with whom he has lived since 2019, looked to the edge of space himself in 2021, but this time he will stay on Earth. “Of course […]

Does the Universe Have an End?

Jakarta – universe has always been a mystery to scientists. So far, scientists have only been able to identify objects in the universe and all other possibilities. But can scientists explain the end of the universe? Scientists agree that the universe has no end. One of the analogies that scientists often use to describe the […]

NASA to develop nuclear propulsion rocket engine for manned flight on Mars | NHK

NASA = The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in collaboration with DARPA, a research institute of the US Department of Defense, has developed a “nuclear propulsion rocket engine” that uses the heat generated by a small nuclear reactor for future manned flights to Mars. It has been announced that a demonstration test will be conducted […]