A new milestone for astronauts. China sends the first woman to the space station

Shortly after midnight there, China launched the spacecraft Shenzhou 13. Its target is the still unfinished Chinese space station, and the ship’s crew will remain on it for the next six months. This is the second group of astronauts to go to Tianjung Station. For the first time, however, a woman is among them. For […]

A mysterious object in the center of the galaxy emits radio signals. We haven’t seen anything like it before, astronomers say

This strange object has been observed since last year by scientists from universities in Sydney, Australia and Wisconsin, USA, who have published the results of their research in a professional journal. The Astrophysical Journal. “We’ve never seen anything like it” #USYD astronomers have discovered unusual signals coming from the #MilkyWay’s centre which fit no currently […]

The Universe Was Never Born

VIVA – Scientists say that universe always exists and has no beginning. This is a new theory of quantum gravity that reveals how it can work. “Reality has so many things that the majority of people would associate it with science fiction or even fantasy,” said Bruno Bento, a physicist from the University of Liverpool, […]

Miss Ukraine Universe 2021: 15 finalists named

Photo: instagram.com/missukraine_universe All finalists of the Miss Ukraine Universe 2021 contest The girls will compete for the opportunity to represent the country at the Miss Universe pageant, which will be held in Israel this December. Jury Miss Universe Ukraine 2021 selected 15 finalists who will compete for the crown and the opportunity to represent Ukraine […]

Moderate geomagnetic storm warning for October 11, 2021

Francisco Martin Leon Meteored Spain 55 minutes ago 6 min G2 geomagnetic storm warning (moderate) for October 11, 2021. NOAA-NWS NWS-NOAA space weather meteorologists modeled the trajectory of coronal mass ejection, CME, toward Earth and have confirmed that it will likely arrive today on October 11. The impact could cause geomagnetic storms of class G1 […]

Nuclear weapons can be the last line of defense against a killer asteroid

Nuclear weapons can be the last line of defense against a killer asteroid The study suggests that nuclear weapons could save us from colliding with approaching large asteroids in the future. The earth was bombarded by asteroids four billion years ago. This is evidenced by the craters that our planet is dotted with. Today, the […]