Remembering Timothy Keller: An Evangelical Pastor, Theologian, and Best-selling Author

Timothy James Keller, evangelical pastor, theologian and author of several best-selling books, died Friday May 19, at the age of 72. The man whose fame had long since crossed American borders had advanced pancreatic cancer, diagnosed in the summer of 2020. His passing was announced by his son, Michael Keller, citing his last words. “There […]

“The Healing Power of Music: Why Worship is Vital for Christians”

What does music do to Christians? And why is worship so important? Jürgen Krabbenhöft pursues these questions in “Church Up Close”. Medicine has proven that music has a positive effect on heartbeat, breathing and blood pressure. Can music be a savior in times of need? In addition, Jürgen Krabbenhöft reads verses 14 to 23 from […]

“Experience the Magic: Inside Hans Zimmer’s Spectacular Film Music Concert”

“Film music is the heart and soul of every film,” said James Cameron, director of such well-known films as Terminator or Titanic. But applied music, as it is called to distinguish it from purposeless, so-called absolute music, seems to have broken away from its close connection to film for a long time. Pieces by the […]

Sophie Rtveliashvili and Garry Fischmann to Host Next Jewrovision Show

The secret is out: Sophie Rtveliashvili and Garry Fischmann will lead through the next Jewrovision show. So this time there is again a team of moderators. “I’m really looking forward to it, and I like hosting the evening for two,” said Sophie Rtveliashvili at the announcement on Friday in Berlin. It is a great honor […]