Not Long Happened! Nazi Super Explosive Bombs almost destroyed this country, fortunately the World War II weapon exploded in a safe place – All pages

Sosok.ID – Since World War stopped many nations withdrawing from the invasion military. For example Netherlands and Japan who withdrew from Indonesia, and others. However, they still left some of their military equipment in the country, such as many planes and tanks Netherlands left behind in Indonesia. Up to a few grenade which are sometimes still […]

Delay of 75 years. The dreaded bomb exploded in Poland, captured in detail by cameras

Probably the largest bomb in Europe since World War II exploded underwater in Świnoujście in northwestern Poland on Monday. According to the portal, nothing happened to anyone and apparently no material damage occurred. Pyrotechnicians originally wanted to destroy a British Tallboy-type bomb by subsonic combustion. 1:31 A bomb exploded underwater in Poland and was […]

Largest World War II Remnant Bomb Explodes When Defused – A good greatest relic World War II artificial English exploded underwater on Poland when trying to tame. Good exploded when tamed by a team of specialists bomb tamer Navy Poland in the Baltic Waters ABC News, Wednesday (14/10/2020). The team initially tried to neutralize the bomb by using the long-range deflagration method, which […]

World War II Weapon Explodes on Cleansing, 2 Bomb Defuser Killed. Page all

HONIARA, – British Stephen “Luke” Atkinson and Australian Trent Lee were killed in the explosion good in the Solomon Islands. Police said the explosion occurred on Sunday afternoon (20/09/2020) in the capital of the Pacific island nation of Honiara, where they died after being taken to hospital. Luke and Lee are members bomb tamer […]

One in ten young American adults believes that Jews caused the Holocaust

Nearly two-thirds of young American adults are unaware that six million Jews were killed during World War II and more than one in ten believe it was the Jews who caused the Holocaust. These are just some of the conclusions of a new study on the generation of “millennials” and “generation Z”, aged between 18 […]