Grab a Friend by the Bitch: There’s a Fourth Part in the We Were Here Series

21/10/21 22:17 | Sil Hendriks | PC, Playstation 4 | 0 comments The Dutch-made cooperative puzzle series, We Were Here, will receive a fourth part next year with the name We Were Here Forever. GameQuarter learned this from a spokesperson for developer Total Mayhem Games. In Forever, duos return once again to Castle Rock, where […]

BARRUTOY Solar Robot Kit Green Science Building Set Outdoor and Sports Games Toys and Games

BARRUTOY Solar Robot Kit Green Science Building Set then to solar panels and control connections, dense plush to effectively block the cold wind. weld spatter and grinding sparks, ♡ surface removing mildew surface cleaning universal electronics 10kg touch sensitive compost bin composter anticorrosion capacity our sign stylish perfect kitchens foldable phone dock compatible iphone xs […]

GAMES. Metro test de Nintendo Switch OLED

Four and a half years after the Switch and two years after the Switch Lite, Nintendo introduces the Switch OLED to the world. Is the console worth it? We looked it up for you. Door Thomas wallemacq &nbsp- 14/10/2021 om 06:00 The new Nintendo Switch OLED has been officially available since last Friday. A few […]

The worst flaws of each generation of Pokémon games

In more than 20 years, Pokémon has evolved a lot. New creatures have appeared generation after generation, new mechanics have emerged and the graphics have been modernized from version to version. And while some new features work and enjoy, others are not really to the liking of gamers. First generation The first generation of Pokémon, […]

A new big scandal broke out in Europe over Crimea PHOTO

Another scandal over the disputed Crimean peninsula erupted after the presentation of the Euro 2024 logo. Yesterday, UEFA presented the official emblem of the championship, which will be held in Germany. A map of Europe was also shown, showing the Black Sea peninsula within Ukraine’s borders. This once again provoked Russia’s angry reaction. Winbet – […]

Ubisoft Trials Battle Royale, Ghost Recon Frontline

Jakarta: Ubisoft seems to be preparing many new games, ahead of the launch of Far Cry 6, they have now announced that they will open a trial or game test for the latest series of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon multiplayer mode. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline will be Ubisoft’s newest game series that fully provides […]

Hot Wheels Unleashed Shows That Pretty Nice Isn’t Enough | Review

First back to start. Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade racer that at first glance is reminiscent of Mario Kart: colorful cars racing around a colorful track and drifting through the curves to get boosts. Great Absence is an arsenal of weapons. You don’t win races with a blue shield or by throwing bananas on […]

A terrible tragedy! A 15-year-old died in a chain accident

A 15-year-old victim had a chain accident with a total of six participants. The tragedy happened during the Supersport World Championship, which took place on Saturday at the Jerez track in Spain. Dean Bertha Vinales, cousin of 2013 World Moto 3 champion Maverick Vinales, has died. Winbet – the real thrill of victory! (18+) After […]