70-year-old woman gave birth to her first child

Jivunben Rabari and her husband Maldhari, 75, are the boy’s parents. They have been 45 years A 70-year-old woman made headlines in India Al, just a few days ago, give birth to your first child, becoming one of the oldest new mothers in the world. Jivunben Rabari and her husband Maldhari, 75, are the parents […]

Good news in pop folk! The singer with the longest legs heard …

One of our most famous pop-folk singers had a cute little baby. Ivena gave birth to the girl Marian. The little princess weighs exactly 3 kg and her mother feels good. Marian is a long-awaited and highly desired baby from folklore and father Christian, with whom they have been together for 12 years. “Welcome, beautiful […]

Science Reveals Babies Laughing Like Monkeys Early in Life – All Pages

KIDSPOT Scientists scour the internet to watch carefully clips of laughing children aged 3 to 18 months for research purposes. The result? Nationalgeographic.co.id—Baby possible laugh as ball for several months after birth before switching to laugh adult humans, a new study finds. Laughter connecting humans with ball large, our evolutionary relatives. Adult humans tend to […]

Can Protect Babies, Covid-19 Antibodies in Breast Milk Last 10 Months

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Breastfeeding women who have been infected Covid-19 secretes antibodies that can neutralize the disease virus in her milk for up to 10 months after infection. The ability to neutralize means to block the infection of the virus. This conclusion was drawn from research presented at the Global Breastfeeding and Lactation Symposium on […]

My child has caught a wart, how can I treat it?

Warts are very common, especially in children. Notably because they are quite easy to catch. Warts affect around 7-10% of the population and a third of children aged 4-12. They can appear on many different parts of the body, such as the hand or feet (most often). What are the symptoms ? How to cure […]