The first anti-covid pill-19. The experimental drug halves the risk of death

The American pharmaceutical company Merck has developed an experimental antiviral drug in the form of a pill, after which, according to preliminary studies, the risk of being infected hospitalized or dying after coronavirus infection is halved. However, the company has not yet published the results of the study in a professional journal. According to experts, […]

“Get your asses out of there now”

Related news Vaccination of the players of the NBA has already reached 95% and the Houston Rockets they have their entire staff immunized. That remaining 5% corresponds to around 25 players if one takes into account that the total will revolve around 450 throughout the league. The vaccination process has been increasing as work began […]

Vaccination should be mandatory among professionals

We saw in 2020 how access to public and universal healthcare was denied to the most vulnerable people. The deficiencies of the system and the ageism shown in the steps followed in the first moments should now serve as a trigger to ensure that injustice does not become a reality again. The professionals who lived […]

NY creates fund to accelerate the development of research that addresses the threat of infections such as COVID – Telemundo New York (47)

What you should know New York launches an Infectious Disease Fund developed to support and accelerate growth in New York’s life sciences industry and combat public health threats like COVID-19. The fund will accelerate qualified startups, early-stage businesses, and late-stage academic research at New York institutions to commercialize efforts to combat infectious diseases. Available funding […]

China Discovers Nuclear Technology to Kill Mosquitoes

BEIJING, – Leading researchers China discover technology nuclear to eradicate mosquito. The technology can control the epidemic infectious diseases caused by the blood -sucking insect. The research team leader on Monday (23/8/2021) stated that technology nuclear radiation used to destroy the male mosquito’s reproductive system. In their report, the researchers found that male mosquitoes […]

Guinea: Marburg virus detected in the country

Guinea is worried. While the country has just announced the end of the second Ebola epidemic in its territory, a new health threat worries the authorities. “A probable case” of Marburg virus haemorrhagic fever has been detected in Forest Guinea. The Marburg virus is from the same family as that of Ebola and is, like […]

Immunity from covid vaccination is declining over time, say British experts. Many countries are dealing with the third batch – ČT24 – Czech Television

“It is very likely that the immunity acquired by vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 and the potentially severe course of the disease (but probably to a lesser extent) will weaken over time,” she said in a SAGE document. “It is therefore likely that vaccination campaigns against SARS-CoV-2 will continue for many years to come. At present, however, […]