Resignation after the Recorder investigation: Lazăr Neacşu, a person with close ties in the BOR leadership, leaves the General Council of the Capital and the PSD

“The PSD Bucharest organization and the PSD sector 4 organization announce that this morning Mr. Neacşu Lazăr submitted his resignation from the Social Democratic Party and from the quality of PSD general councilor within the General Council of Bucharest Municipality”, informed the social democrats. Vasile Neacşu was a member of the General Council of the […]

EU summit: Possible to receive 42,500 Afghans

– I think it is possible, Johansson said during a meeting in the union on Thursday. She acknowledged that accepting the refugees was not enough in itself to resolve the crisis in Afghanistan, but added that it was “our moral duty”. – There are more people who need protection, she said. She pointed out that […]

PSD and USR set difficult conditions for the support of the new Government: salary increases, pensions and allowances vs. modification of the new PNDL and depoliticization of CAs

PNL, ie the party expected to start negotiations for the formation of a new Government, is caught these days between two political “offers” of collaboration that will put the Liberals in difficult situations, whatever the choice of the party led by Florin Cîţu. Because both PSD and USR are willing to come to the table […]

None of MDG’s representatives present during the name call in the new Storting

For party leader Une Bastholm, who has been elected from Akershus, there is an application for leave. Bastholm went on parental leave. Kristoffer Robin Haug attended as deputy. There is no leave for the two representatives from Oslo. Both Lan Marie Berg and Rasmus Hansson had reported maturity. Besides, no goods were present for them. […]

Funny moment at the visit of the head of the European Commission. Ursula von der Leyen refused to shake hands with former minister Cristian Ghinea: “I’m sorry” – VIDEO

During her visit to Romania, Ursula Von der Leyen also met with members of the Government, where former USR PLUS Minister of European Investments and Projects Cristian Ghinea was also present, at the invitation of Prime Minister Florin Cîţu. According to the images published by PRO TV, Cristian Ghinea extended his hand first, with the […]

Bergen is now at the top of scooters in Europe

Project manager for the electric scooter pilot in Bergen, Lars Ove Kvalbein, in Bergen municipality says Bergens Tidende that there are about 8,500 electric scooters in Bergen. According to the newspaper, this means that the western village has around 309 electric scooters per 10,000 inhabitants. Cities like Paris, Berlin and Rome all had under 50 […]

Minister: Australia played with open cards against France

Australia’s defense agreement with the United States meant that the submarine purchase from France never materialized. It has triggered a diplomatic crisis. France has called home its ambassadors to both Australia and the United States. France is furious at Australia’s handling of the case, and has accused its allies of lying about the plans. It […]

Few local team leaders in Agder express full Ropstad trust

– What has happened can be trust-weakening. But we are a Christian party. And Kjell Ingolf Ropstad has apologized. As Christians, we must forgive. That is why I have full confidence in Ropstad, says local team leader Runar Røinås in Iveland KrF to warns. Fædrelandsvennen has also been in contact with the local team leaders […]

The United States regrets France’s decision to recall the ambassador

France called home its ambassadors from Australia and the United States on Friday due to the diplomatic crisis created by the submarine case. – We regret that they have taken this step. We will continue to work on this in the coming days and solve our problems as we have done other times in our […]