Money and happiness: how can my money make me happier? – 23.01.21

Money is linked to the fact that it can and should bring more freedom. But many people are hardly aware that for money they also bring themselves into bondage, every day. By guest author Nicole Rupp If you want to buy something and you refrain from doing so for the sake of the money, do […]

Overdue bills, fines to Eni, Enel and Sen: what are the user’s rights

The Italian Competition Authority has sanctioned some gas and electricity suppliers for a total amount of 12.5 million euros. The fines amount to 5 million for Eni gas and electricity, 4 million for Enel Energia and 3.5 million for Sen – National electricity service. At the basis of the provision is the rejection by the […]

“We are a cinema and not a Disneyland”

Do cinemas have a future? Definitely yes, says manager Felicitas Zehnder. Because even if streaming services are increasing strongly – they are a supplement to the cinema, not a replacement, as she explains in the interview. January 15, 2021 12:48 p.m. Manuela Bruhin Felicitas Zehnder: “Streaming is an addition, not a substitute.” zVg In 1999 […]

Pay attention to the additional services!

January 15, 2021 – 1:09 pm Clock The average additional contribution is increased to 1.3 percent The corona crisis is costing health insurers dearly. Many statutory health insurances have therefore increased the additional contribution at the turn of the year – by an average of 0.2 points to 1.3 percent. How much the additional contribution […]

Corona: November aid is now flowing – but not for all | – news

Status: 01/13/2021 7:06 p.m. Corona November aid has been flowing to companies in Schleswig-Holstein since Wednesday (January 13th). However, many solo self-employed people still go away empty-handed. At the federal level, there are still software problems that make it impossible to forward the applications to the state, said Economics Minister Bernd Buchholz (FDP) in the […]

Insurance: How am I actually insured when I work from home?

What if I trip over a toy in the home office? Am I insured in an emergency? These and many questions reach the editors every day. Lawyer Arndt Kempgens (52) from Gelsenkirchen answers the most important questions in BILD. “Beware of accidents at work and insurance traps in the home office,” warns Kempgens. The lawyer: […]

Tips for heirs: when and for what a certificate of inheritance is necessary

Updated January 12, 2021, 4:26 pm The survivors of a deceased person have to take care of various things after their death. Heirs need a certificate of inheritance for one or the other matter. You can find more topics about children and families here Accounts, apartment, contracts: after Death of a relative at some point […]

A lawyer, convicted after pocketing 5,500 euros from his client | Legal

The Supreme Court has convicted a lawyer from Alicante for keeping 5,500 euros that a client gave him to pay for several expert reports that he did not order and that would have served to demonstrate alleged medical negligence. The court confirms the penalty of one year in prison and two years of disqualification from […]

“Investment funds want to buy hotels in Seville with significant discounts”

Maria Jesus PereiraFOLLOW Sevilla Updated:10/01/2021 08: 18h save Related news Manuel Cornax, president of the Seville Hoteliers Association, criticizes that “despite the fact that many hotels are still closed due to the pandemic, there are no tourists and flights, there are no tax credits. The Seville City Council, he says, has promised to reduce garbage […]