Credit xxx? (Money, Bank)

A friend of mine owns his own house. When he renovated it 10 years ago, he took out a loan of € 50,000 from a bank. For this, of course, the bank wanted a land charge to be entered in the land register. This land charge still exists, even if the loan has been repaid […]

Money is taboo: it’s better to keep success to yourself

Picture No. 1613, source: Postbank / © Monkey Business Images There is hardly a topic that people in this country keep silent about as persistently as about money. For 70 percent of Germans, discussions about finances are taboo, according to a recent Kantar survey commissioned by Postbank. The majority avoid talking in public not only […]

Resignation after the Recorder investigation: Lazăr Neacşu, a person with close ties in the BOR leadership, leaves the General Council of the Capital and the PSD

“The PSD Bucharest organization and the PSD sector 4 organization announce that this morning Mr. Neacşu Lazăr submitted his resignation from the Social Democratic Party and from the quality of PSD general councilor within the General Council of Bucharest Municipality”, informed the social democrats. Vasile Neacşu was a member of the General Council of the […]

Thuringia: Why not every company gets Corona aid

Who got help? For example Florian Teichmann from Artern. Actually, he had been active as a street food entrepreneur with his brother since 2016. But there was an argument. So he started his own company, now with an employee. The timing for this was unfortunate: Summer 2020. Because the company had no previous year’s sales […]

DIVORCE OF THE CENTURY: Miss has more money than the queen!

After her career, Kirsty embarked on the career of a pop singer at the beginning of the millennium, but mainly married the Swiss businessman Ernest Bertarelli (56). This summer, however, they agreed on a divorce and paid her a total of 10.5 billion crowns as part of the settlement of her teeth! The beauty came […]

Roger Federer: How Roger Federer invests his money | 10/08/21

Tennis superstar Roger Federer made it to a billionaire thanks to sponsorship and advertising contracts, prize money and clever investments. The latest coup for the Swiss was the successful IPO of the sports shoe manufacturer On, in which he is involved. Peter Balsiger Bn the beginning of 2020 it was speculated that Roger Federer would […]

Bitcoin is growing stronger, but October alias Uptober can also disappoint

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin Bitcoin cash Bitcoin is today almost synonymous with fabulous enrichment, thanks to which he had heard about cryptocurrencies each. But who wants cryptocurrencies deposit money, he should first answer a number of practical questions. To which “coins“Invest and why cryptocurrencies (not) to be believed? It pays off to benefit, on what […]