New York Festivals: Twelve Gold for Germany

Great success for BBDO and the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy at the Advertising Awards 2021 of the New York Festival: With five golds each, both are among the most successful participants in the competition. In addition, BBDO can look forward to five silver and four bronze medals, the Film Academy six silver and one bronze medals. […]

Georgi Milkov: We do not vote for “these”, but for ourselves

Throughout the election day, watch “TV 24 Chasa” on our website Pelection campaign? I have not seen such in this or the previous elections. I usually avoid sponsored posts on Facebook, and many of the campaigns are hidden right there. I have not been to party sites or watched TV debates. But that does not […]

Spotify Launched Global Brand Campaign | Special | Radio Advertising Summit

Under the motto “Nobody lists like you”, the global brand campaign “Only you” by the Swedish streaming provider Spotify is launched in Germany. “We enable the right audio experience for everyone. Our global brand campaign Only You focuses on the personal and unique streaming behavior of the listeners. The motifs of our marketing measures also […]

Jung von Matt makes new relationships for Porta

Porta was once a traditional furniture dealer with a number of large furniture stores. Since 2019, the Jung von Matt Group has been accompanying the company from Porta Westfalica in the transformation from a stationary retailer to a modern retailer with a strong presence in various channels. The new Porta spot “Human-Furniture-Relationships” starts exactly at […]

The 5 best ads of the week… New York Times, Pampers, Insmed

New York Times, Pampers, Insmed… Strategies selects 5 international campaigns each week. Among this selection, a look back at the “Unbreakable” campaign carried out by the Area 23 advertising agency for Insmed, a biopharmaceutical company. The animated film features a stuffed rabbit named Barbara, in an effort to raise awareness about non-tuberculosis mycobacterial lung disease. […]

Till Lindeman promotes Veganuary and LikeMeat with Art Movie

has been with W&V since 2017, first as an editor in the marketing department, now as a member of the editor-in-chief. She prefers to write about food, fitness, cosmetics and digital topics – and about exciting brand and transformation stories. If there is still time, she cooks and writes for her food blog and does […]

BBDO brings the family together with WhatsApp

In addition to Zoom and other platforms for sharing, messenger services like WhatsApp also had a strong year. Whether it’s a voice message, a picture or an encouraging slogan: WhatsApp helped to strengthen the solidarity in friends and family. That makes WhatsApp the subject of its new global campaign “A Family Diary”, which goes on […]

Offer for data-based influencer marketing

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Purely digital for the first time: The new recruiting campaign from VW

Electric, digital, sustainable – these are the keywords with which Volkswagen describes its future. The car manufacturer only lacks one thing: suitable employees. This is exactly what the new “Hello Possible 2.0” website aims for, for which six testimonials provide an insight into their projects, tasks and corporate culture. For Volkswagen, it is the first […]

Naples did not play against Juventus, it is in danger of contumacy

The Campania club reported the coronavirus infection in the team, but did not provide confirmation from the local health authorities that it was not allowed to travel. The management of the competition therefore confirmed the date of the match on Saturday evening. The footballers of Naples did not show up for the evening hit of […]