Disappearance. Jean-Pierre Vincent has lowered the curtain

Over a hundred edited pieces, the direction of the National Theater of Strasbourg, of the Comédie française, of the Théâtre des amandiers in Nanterre, while being a professor at the Paris Conservatory, Jean-Pierre Vincent had become one of the patrons of the theater French. He died on the night of Wednesday November 4 to Thursday […]

Frenchman missing in New York found after 6 days of concern

It had been 6 days since his family had heard from him. Arthur Astié, a 22-year-old Orleans man who went missing on Monday, May 4 in New York, was found unharmed in a Bronx hospital following an assault, his father reported on Twitter on Saturday morning. The rapper known locally by the stage name Ubu […]

Model had been missing for a year in New York. It was found in a slum

It was not long ago that the career of the Brazilian model Eloísa Pinto Fontes, 26, had begun to take on another dimension. He had signed contracts with Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, but in the meantime he disappeared. A year after being last seen in New York, she was found wandering in a slum […]

the wild boars have purely and simply disappeared from the municipal park!

Posted on Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 2:45 p.m. By Aurélie Urbain The Baudour municipal park had to be closed to the public this summer because of the presence of wild boars. Once the authorizations had been obtained to hunt them, the animals had vanished! The reopening of the park will be discussed. “But residents […]

Economy. 200 shipyards threatened with disappearance

Shipping companies, which transport 90% of the world’s goods, do not believe in a rapid recovery of the global economy. The orders they placed with shipyards (mainly Asian) have never been so low since 2003. However, at the time, the global fleet in service was half the size than today. It then had a total […]

the inhabitants of Guermantes still traumatized by the affair

While partial DNA traces of Estelle Mouzin were found on a mattress in a house of Michel Fourniret’s sister, the inhabitants of the town of Guermantes, in Seine-et-Marne, are still deeply marked by her disappearance. “It’s horrible, everyone has mobilized. Everyone tried to search all over the place. My children and my husband participated too. […]

Tragic disappearance of a Senegalese in Lake Montana, his remains found

United States: Tragic disappearance of a Senegalese in Lake Montana, his remains found Mamadou Ndiaye, a native of Senegal, had disappeared on a boat trip in Lake Montana with his girlfriend and friends. According to thedailybeast. com, the remains of the 18-year-old college basketball player were found by a rescue organization on Friday. His family […]

a 41-year-old man missing for two weeks

Jean-Sébastien Drouin, who lives in Quimper or in the neighboring town of Plonéis, in Finistère, has not given any sign of life since the Saturday 8 August. The 41-year-old man was last seen near his stepmother’s home in the municipality of Croisty, in Morbihan. The Morbihan gendarmerie launched a call to witness Saturday August 22 […]

Morbihan. Disturbing disappearance of a 41-year-old man

The Morbihan gendarmerie launched an appeal for witnesses after the disturbing disappearance of a 41-year-old man, since August 8, 2020, in Croisty (Morbihan), near Le Faouët. Jean-Sébastien Drouin has not given any sign of life since Saturday August 8, 2020. He lives in Quimper (Finistère) or in the neighboring town of Plonéis, but was last […]