The diagnosis of the head of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman is revealed

Photo: Jiri Ovcacek The reason for the hospitalization of the President of the Czech Republic The disease detected in the president has a negative effect on the activity of the brain, media reported. Czech President Milos Zeman, who is at the Central Military Hospital in Prague, suffers from hepatic encephalopathy. On Wednesday, October 13, the […]

New covid diagnostic test unmasks false negatives

Sometimes the coronavirus is elusive: it is there, but it does not show its face in the tests. It escapes the sensitivity of PCR tests, which are negative even though the person is infected. These false negatives are beginning to be detected thanks to a new diagnostic test that has been applied since June at […]

Hundreds of people in Germany received expired vaccines

Photo: Unsplash Expired Moderna vaccine was used in Germany for more than a month The authorities of the country do not expect any negative consequences for those vaccinated with an expired vaccine. The residents of Germany were injected with the expired Moderna coronavirus vaccine. In total, 840 people received such injections. On Friday, September 17, […]

Reasons for the failure of the United States in Afghanistan. Blinken’s interrogation

Congressmen and senators were unanimous in their negative assessments of the organization of the withdrawal and evacuation. The head of the US State Department, Anthony Blinken, was interrogated in Congress for two days in connection with the completion of the military mission in Afghanistan. According to him, the main reason for the failure was the […]

Health bans promising drug for women with aggressive breast cancer

Nuria Ramirez de CastroCONTINUE Madrid Updated:11/08/2021 01:29h Keep Related news The Ministry of Health has given the green light to the financing of an expensive drug against two tumors that are difficult to treat: small cell lung cancer and triple negative breast cancer. Approval was urgently awaited because when these tumors do not respond to […]

Spain opens borders for Ukrainians – Kuleba

Tourists are expected in Spain Upon entering the country, Ukrainians will be required to have a complete vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test. Spain opens its borders to Ukrainian citizens from July 27 in accordance with the recommendations of the EU Council. About it reported Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba. “Visa-free […]

Protests erupt in France against insidious “health omission”

Police in Paris clashed with protesters against President Emmanuel Macron’s plan. Photo by Reuters Police in Paris clashed with protesters against President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to impose a certificate of vaccination against covid or a negative urinal test for admission to bars, restaurants and cinemas from next month, Reuters reported. Macron announced this week radical […]

People’s Deputy Bragar was given back his driver’s license

Photo: Bragar wrote a statement to the patrol The People’s Deputy stopped in Kiev from the Servant of the People passed several negative drug tests. People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People Yevgeny Bragar said that his driver’s license was returned to him after he was stopped on suspicion of driving a car […]

One of the EU countries will close the border for unvaccinated travelers

Photo: Unsplash Malta closes borders to non-vaccinated tourists To enter the country, children will be required to present a negative PCR test for coronavirus infection. The Maltese authorities have banned tourists who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus from entering the country. The restriction will take effect from July 14. This was announced on […]

In the Netherlands, nearly 200 people contract COVID-19 at a party

Photo: Nearly 200 young people in the Netherlands contract COVID-19 at a party Staff tested negative for coronavirus and guests were checked for vaccination certificates or negative tests. In the city of Enschede, the Netherlands, after a party, an outbreak of coronavirus was recorded – 180 people fell ill. About it informs RTV Oost […]