At Rolins, the door doesn’t close soon: Wow, daughter grows into beauty!

It looks like her. The only daughter of the singer Dary Rolins (49), Laura Homolová (13), grows like out of water. The singer recently boasted of her latest photo and it is clear that Dara will soon chase her suitors with a broom! Dara Rolins (49) has his only daughter Laura (13) with her expatriate […]

Bitter taste, these are the benefits of noni for health and beauty

Jakarta – Noni is known to have many health benefits, but also for beauty. Noni is a fruit that is widely grown in Asia. The shape is small oval with green and yellow color when ripe. This fruit that is not commonly consumed because of its pungent aroma and bitter taste turns out to have […]

Maria Ignatova showed sexy … VIDE …

Maria Ignatova has been taking life from life lately. The blonde managed to hide behind a mask in “The Masked Singer” and in the meantime to marry her partner Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy. The TV presenter is obviously on the crest of a wave of happiness and hints at what she is capable of when they are […]

Look at Neti’s biological mother, you won’t believe … SNI …

Antoaneta Dobreva – Neti enjoys every shared moment, a year ago she discovered her biological mother Gilda, her father and sister – TV presenter Alexandra Krasteva. The singing actress shared her happiness with her followers on social networks with one shot, which is strongly impressed by the similarity between the two. From the photo and […]