Belarusian services cut barbed wire to help migrants break through to Poland. Video

“On January 11, 68 people tried to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border. Groups of 18 and 15 people illegally crossed the border in the border security zone in Melnik,” the report says. It is noted that in Dubichi Tserkovny and Lipsk, Belarusian services shone with a laser and damaged the barbed wire. The Polish Border […]

Arizona: A migrant drowned in a canal is resurrected | News from Mexico

ARIZONA.- They rescue migrant women who drowned in a salinity canal; one of them had already lost her heartbeat and was floating upside down. Border Patrol (Border Patrol) spread a video was released in relation to this case that occurred on Tuesday at 10:00 p.m., near 41st Street, in Yuma County. They save migrants from […]

Israeli Bird Flu Outbreak, 2,000 Wild Herons Died Suddenly

TEL AVIV, – Plague bird flu hit Israel. More than 2,000 birds stork Wilders in nature reserves in Northern Israel died suddenly from the disease. The toll is unusually high for Israel’s seasonal flu outbreak, local officials said on Sunday (12/26/2021). In addition to the 2,000 storks that died, another 10,000 birds are believed […]

A migrant ship crash near Greece has at least 16 victims

Authorities launched a search and rescue operation at night northwest of Paros. Air and sea assets were deployed to the area, the Greek Coast Guard said. The route through Greece is one of the main routes for migrants and refugees from Africa, the Middle East and other countries to the European Union. Since 2015, when […]

Russians try to cross into the US from Baja California

TECATE, BC (apro) .- In the last week, migrants of Russian nationality have tried to cross into the United States using the border area of ​​Baja California. This morning, four people tried to run through this sentry box. On Monday morning, journalist Gabriela Martínez reported the entry of the four migrants, who were finally detained […]

The migration crisis has exposed the true face of AMLO: Brozo

Mexico.- The migratory crisis has exhibited the true face of AMLO, he claimed Brozo after noting that southern Mexico has become the new border of the United States, as well as that acts of aggression against migrants continue to spread. During the Tenebrozo program broadcast on December 17, 2021, through the Latinus YouTube channel, Brozo, […]

Migration and Death: Trump’s Legacy

The tragedies accumulate and the comrade president and comrade Andrés Manuel López Obrador He still does not show his face. He hides himself in a rhetoric with which he victimizes himself, holds anyone responsible and minimizes the errors of his administration, at the same time that he seeks to generate distractors to send his errors […]

Zelenskiy discusses security, free trade and visa facilitation with Trudeau

Zelensky noted that he discussed with Trudeau security issues, COVID-19, the possibility of expanding the free trade zone and simplifying the visa regime between the countries. “Canada was not only one of the first to support the independence of Ukraine 30 years ago, but since then it has continued to do so every day – […]

About us without us. France negotiated migration without Britain, which plans the same

At Sunday’s meeting on migration, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin called for a joint fight against human smugglers and against the inflatable trade. France convened the meeting due to the growing number of migrants heading across the English Channel to Britain. During Wednesday’s accident in the strait, 27 migrants died, with whom the overcrowded boat […]