5 Sites to Convert PDF Files to Word Online

Ilustrasi file pdf. (Pixabay) Hitekno.com – This is the site you can visit for convert PDF files to Word online in a more practical and easy way. PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format created for the purpose of exchanging digital documents. For those of you who work in office administration, you must […]

Various Types of Web Hosting, Know Before Buying

Ilustrasi website. (Pixabay) Hitekno.com – here various types of web hosting what you need to know so you can adjust it to your needs website you before deciding to buy hosting. Web hosting is a service for users that is useful for storing information, images, videos and some other content that will be accessed via […]

How to Get PLN Electricity Subsidy September 2021 on the PLN Website or Application

TEGAL NEWS – September 2021 this, the government again extended electricity subsidy until December 2021. This was conveyed by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Because, there is still the implementation of PPKM Level 4 in the Java-Bali region. People who are given electricity stimulus or discounted electricity rates PLN covering household, business, and […]

A Belarusian plane was returned to Minsk for Barcelona, ​​France did not let it pass

PHOTO: Reuters A Belarusian passenger plane flying from Minsk to Barcelona returned today, according to data on the Flightradar24 website, after Poland said it might fail to enter French airspace, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA. EU leaders authorize officials to draft new sanctions against Belarus and devise a way to ban Belarusian airlines from entering […]

With THIS website you can get a vaccination appointment faster!

Many Berliners try to get a vaccination appointment. Photo: Imago / Christian Ohde Getting a vaccination appointment is not that easy. Some people are calling their GPs these days to get Astrazeneca. Others have already received a vaccination code in the mail, but cannot find an appointment online or on the telephone hotline in the […]

The court blocked a number of Ukrainian sites

Фото: Getty Images In Ukraine, once again blocking sites through the courts Due to the lawsuit of the former head of Spetstechnoexport Pavel Barbul, the court blocked access to 12 publications. By the decision of the Pechersk District Court of Kiev in Ukraine, 12 Internet publications were blocked, writes Commander-in-Chief, which also ended up on […]

Tinder will allow you to track rapists and abuser

Photo: Unsplash Users themselves will need to find out the name and number of the person they want to check In order to “bring a potential rapist to clean water,” you only need to know the name and phone number of the person. Match Group, which owns Tinder, announced an investment in Garbo, a nonprofit […]