Aipda Roni’s heinous action kills 2 women which ends in death sentence

Medan – A police officer at the Belawan Harbor Police, Aipda Roni Syahputra, was sentenced to death. He was found guilty of committing murder viciously plotting against two women. Roni’s murder case was revealed after the discovery of two dead women. One woman was found in Medan and another in Serdang Bedagai (Sergai). The discovery […]

Vladimir Rainchak killed – stabbing took place in Velikiye Gribovichi near Lviv

In the village of Velyki Gribovichi in Lviv region, killed during a mass brawl 47-year-old local resident. About it writes edition of The tragedy took place on the evening of October 8th. At the Rukavichka supermarket, two local residents were drinking alcoholic beverages, and another man approached them, whom they allegedly insulted. The man […]

An attacker with a headscarf hit a woman under the wheels of the subway VIDEO

A horrific crime was filmed by security cameras on the New York City subway station at Times Square. A 42-year-old woman was deliberately pushed on the way of the arriving train, Glas News bg writes According to the Daily Mail, the attack was not provoked in any way. The perpetrators – an African-American woman aged […]

His affair was leaked, this mother burned her child alive

loading… MOSCOW – A mother in Russia burned his eight-year-old son to death. The reason, the victim told his stepfather that his mother had an affair. Anastasia Baulina, 32, a cashier from the Kursk region near the border with Ukraine, said she burned the victim alive by pouring petrol and setting her on fire with […]

A huge tragedy. A former Greek youth representative was killed

Greek footballer Nikos Tsoumanis, a former national team under 21, is dead. According to Greek media, the 31-year-old defender was found dead in his car after his family and friends reported missing. Police are working on a version of the murder, as Tsoumanis’ body was found without signs of life with his hands tied and […]

He beat him with fists, a stool and a metal poker: a man was killed near Kiev

The man confessed to the police that he killed allegedly because the victim insulted his son The detainee will choose a preventive measure in court / Photo: Collage: Today In one of the houses in the village of Vinarovka (Kiev region), there was brutal murder… The man faces up to fifteen years in prison. About […]