Flooding in Auckland (NZ) due to heavy rain

AP NOS News•today, 09:00 Heavy rainfall has flooded parts of the New Zealand city of Auckland. So much rain fell in a short time that the sewage system could not process the large amount of water. An unknown number of people had to be evacuated, especially from lower areas of the city. According to local […]

Learn how to avoid disease during flood season – Metro World News Brasil

OR summer is marked by heavy rain which they often cause floods and floods In this context, several diseases transmitted by contact with polluted waters appear, like leptospirosis, caused by contact with rat urine. The proliferation of cases of dengue, zica and chikungunya, diseases transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, is also a growing concern […]

How do I apply for flood damage insurance?

The extraordinary rains of the last weekend in Galicia have affected vehicles and homes 06 January 2023 . Updated at 05:00h. The extraordinary rains that have fallen in Galicia in recent days have caused a series of damages to people, both to buildings and vehicles. Floods resulting from the overflowing of rivers are considered Exclusive […]

flood images

At least two people have died in California due to the serious consequences of storms plaguing the western United States. Torrential and heavy rains snowfall to have caused floods and landslides, and left more than 8,000 people without electricity. And the storm isn’t over, as it is now threatening Arkansas and Texas with tornadoes. The […]

Heavy rains cause accidents and flooding in San Diego

2023 started with heavy rain, although much needed for Southern California, very dangerous for the streets and highways of San Diego. (NOTICIAS YA).- 2023 started with heavy rain, although much needed for Southern California, very dangerous for the streets and highways of San Diego; causing havoc throughout the region. Heavy rains this weekend caused flooding […]

Lots of rain, wind and snow in Baja California to start 2023

Don’t keep your coats in the Northwest and North, 2023 will start with wintry weather. Take precautionary measures as heavy rains are expected which could cause flooding in Baja California. Orlando Auraquia 17 minutes ago 4 mins Heavy rains and possible flooding will affect Baja California starting in the early morning of January 1st. We […]

Semarang surrounded by floods, roads like rivers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Kota Semarang, Central Java was hit by flooding on Saturday (12/31), after the area was drenched in rain for nearly eight hours. Several major roads in Semarang were flooded. Heavy rain that hit Semarang for nearly eight hours flooded most of the area. Not only residential areas, the floods have also […]

Year of records in agricultural insurance

Agricultural insurance, together with CAP aid, is seen as a key element of agricultural policy to secure the income and profitability of farms from the effects of climate change. The insurance data are the best thermometer and in this case they certify an increase in accidents, with more frequent, more violent and unpredictable meteorological phenomena […]

Mulet is asking for 639,200 euros to cancel the loans from the swamp

Compromís Senator Carles Mulet presented an amendment to the General State Budget (PGE) in which he asks for 639,200 euros to cancel both the debts and the interest derived from the credits of the floods which in October 1982 brought down the de Tous dam, and that the Official Credit Institute (ICO) continues to claim, […]