Hundreds of US military equipment arrived in Lithuania

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Lithuania American tanks unloading in Klaipeda A unit from the 1st American Infantry Division will be stationed in the Baltic country. In the port of the Lithuanian Klaipeda, heavy US military equipment was unloaded for the rotational battalion of the American army stationed in Lithuania. About this the day before […]

Poland buys 250 Abrams tanks

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Poland buys 250 American Abrams tanks New American tanks will replace the outdated T-72 and PT-91. In Poland they say that they adhere to the principle “if you want peace, prepare for war.” Poland buys 250 American M1A2 Abrams tanks in the new SEPv3 version. This was stated by […]

Russia ready to hand over S-400 air defense systems to Belarus – media

The issue of deliveries from Russia to Belarus of the S-400 air defense system and the Pantsir air defense missile system will be worked out as soon as possible. The Russian authorities intend to consider as soon as possible the issue of supplying Belarus with S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and cannon […]

In Poland, tanks burned down on the road due to traffic accident

Photo: Polsat News The fire seriously damaged the armored vehicles Two tow trucks and platforms carrying tanks collided on the highway. There was a fire that spread to military equipment. In the north-west of Poland, near the city of Szczecin, there was a road accident, as a result of which two tanks burned out. This […]

Combat drone presented in Ukraine

Photo: Ukrinform The creators say that there are no analogues to the drone in the world The ACE ONE drone is capable of carrying up to a ton of weapons and reaching speeds of up to 1000 km / h, the creators say. At the exhibition Arms and Security – 2021 in Kiev on Tuesday, […]

In the United States, the details of assistance to Ukraine were revealed

The US Department of Defense announced a new aid package to strengthen the security of Ukraine The US Department of Defense announced a new $ 150 million Ukraine Security Assistance (USAI) package. The US Department of Defense approved the decision to provide Ukraine with a second tranche of military assistance in the amount of $ […]

The United States built the first two new generation bombers

Photo: The United States built the first two new generation bombers The first flight of B-21 bombers is scheduled for mid-2021, but the new model has not yet been finally presented. The US Air Force is preparing to test two new-generation B-21 Raider strategic bombers. About it informs The Drive on Thursday 10 June […]

Shots for grenade launchers will be fired in Ukraine

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine In Ukraine, they test shots for an automatic grenade launcher of the AGS-17 type Ukraine seeks to reduce the critical dependence on imported ammunition, the Defense Ministry explained. The decision to enter into service and serial production on the basis of Ukrainian enterprises of 30-mm VOG-17V and VOG-17IN grenade […]

Repaired bomber transferred to Ukrainian Armed Forces –

Photo: Ukroboronprom Su-24 after repair was transferred to the army The Su-24 is the main bomber aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The board was handed over after testing. GP Nikolaev aircraft repair plant NARP donated the repaired Su-24 bomber to the Ukrainian army. About this on Tuesday, May 25, reported press service of Ukroboronprom. […]

US Army ordered trucks from AvtoKrAZ – media

Photo: AvtoKrAZ will supply trucks for the US Army The three-year order also includes personnel transport vehicles, flatbed trucks, water and fuel tankers. The Ukrainian company AvtoKrAZ received a three-year contract from the US Army for the supply of trucks. About it informs ArmyRecognition Wednesday 19 May. The order also included vehicles for the […]