“It may be the flowering of humor on platforms”

“It may be the flowering of humor on platforms”

Santiago Segura He has fulfilled a dream that has accompanied him since he was a child watching the James Bond movies: “Be the villain”. “Sean Connery had nothing to do with me,” he jokes, “I always identified with the bad guy.” The opportunity has been given LOL: If you laugh, you lose, the first entertainment format of Amazon Prime Video in Spain. In it, he leads – and punishes – ten comedians locked up for six hours in which they are forbidden to laugh. Its first five installments will premiere this Friday may 14 on the platform and, a week later, on the 21st, its finale will be broadcast.

Amazon puts a face to the comedians who will accompany Santiago Segura in ‘LOL’, from Yolanda Ramos to Arévalo

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Yolanda Ramos, Silvia Abril, Rossy de Palma, Paco Collado, Mario Vaquerizo, El Monaguillo, Edu Soto, David Fernández, Carolina Noriega and Arévalo make up the varied casting that, for the presenter, “is very well chosen”, because of how they have achieved a range of comedians with disparate audiences. Of them stands out his work “improvising” within the species of “Big Brother, but without sex “, as defined in the presentation, which constitutes the program.

The also jury of The challenge celebrates having been able to count on “two henchmen”, Cañita Brava and Xavier Deltell -Also present in this interview-, who accompany him on the mission of monitoring the contestants through the 51 cameras distributed on the set and taking them the yellow and red cards when they break the rules.

Santiago, at the beginning of the first chapter you define yourself as “the evil genius” and that it was something that caught your attention since you were little, what was it that attracted you to this role?

Santiago Segura: The first thing, presenting a contest, a talent show is something that I love. Also Amazon as a platform because I knew they were going to pamper the show. And being a James Bond villain because since I was little I watched movies and yes, I really liked James Bond; But I was seeing Sean Connery and it had nothing to do with me. I always identified with the bad guy. That he was always bald, ugly, fat … That could be me (laughs).

It has come a little late in life, but I have made it. Be a villain and have my own crime complex, Marina LOL [así es cómo llaman al lugar en el que encierran a los cómicos]. Also, when I said that if I could have minions, they asked Amazon “but what do you mean?”. I told them that I have two people that I like to bring along whenever I can, who are Cañita Brava and Xavier Deltell. They said go ahead, so I’m the happy villain.

Do you think they would have endured more than six hours locked up? What could have happened if it had been 10 or even 24?

SS: It would have ended sooner. This program has been so complicated … In the first episode, as we got these creatures, who are like schoolboys, they all started laughing. We did not know what to do. Do we give seven yellow cards as soon as we start? They had all laughed. This program has been done in several countries and this had not happened in any edition. I finally walked in and said “guys, how about we focus a little bit?” Everyone asked for forgiveness and then they concentrated; but enough that they lasted the six hours to do the six programs.

They asked us if a lot of material had been lost with the edition. This program could have been done live, the entire six hours could go out because there was a lot of grace all the time. It has been edited and the best remains, but what they have excluded was just as good.

Xavier Deltell: One more special could be made.

SS: LOL: If you laugh, you lose It is like the pipes, when you want to realize they have run out. It’s great to see comedians improvise. The cast is very well chosen because there is always one that you like. They all have their fans and they are all very funny. You see them in their purest form because they are improvising except when they use their joker. A card with which they force the rest of their classmates to pay attention to them for three minutes. That’s when they do their show that they can bring prepared from home, but the rest is improvised. I, who am not an easy laugh, laughed.

XD: Yes, we were laughing. We were aware of all the cameras controlling. There is more than one moment in which someone who had laughed had not realized it. We have discovered it because we are a kind of VAR.

Have your possible predictions been fulfilled as to who would be better able to hold the laughter and who would not?

SS: In your mind you make a cheer because you know them very well and you know how funny they are; and you say “sure that this one does not laugh”. But suddenly, the surprise arrives and people who you thought would last until the end, laugh and come out of the first. It is very curious because the person who makes you laugh the most does not necessarily have to be the one who wins. You can be the one who laughs the most, but also the one who laughs the most easily. It’s fun.

Would you have liked to attend as contestants? How do you think you would have gone?

XD: Good … until sometime bad. I usually put up with laughter a lot, but it is true that there are moments that, especially when they improvise, really surprise you. You ask yourself: How is he doing this now? How did you get that? Of course, I think Santiago would have won.

SS: If I had competed I would have won because I am very generous (laughs) and competitive. I don’t think about going anywhere where I think I’m not going to win.

You lead the first Amazon Prime Video program in Spain, do you think there may be an upward trend and that humor is increasingly sneaking onto platforms?

Amazon has realized that humor is critical because people need to laugh; and also that humor does not travel especially well. What makes Germany laugh in Spain leaves us indifferent, and vice versa. Have this format and bet on the version of each country; like the one from Mexico with Eugenio Derbez, the one from Germany with Michael Herbig and the Spanish one with me shows that they have made an effort to have that humor and local. Yes it may be the new flowering of humor on the platforms.

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TikTok, the darling of the music industry, and his tyranny of 15 seconds

TikTok, the darling of the music industry, and his tyranny of 15 seconds

Attention, music lovers of the old school, melancholic of other times in which the records were heard from end to end while absorbing information from the booklet o Inside CD booklet: better put your wonder to the test because music industry news can be disconcerting.

Recently, the three largest record companies in the world (Warner Music, Sony and Universal Music Group) reached an agreement with the social platform TikTok, which in a certain way can be interpreted as that the luck of the songs will be played in videos of 15 seconds long.

That is how long the stories last in that social network, which is on the rise worldwide and especially among the youngest. And that repetition and viralization that reaches only a small portion of all the content that is uploaded there has become the new source of hits Generator of views of millions, far above other platforms, such as Spotify or YouTube.

That is the summary of a long note who developed the site TechRadar, entitled “TikTok is changing the rules of the music industry”, adding that “the future is here, and it lasts 15 seconds”.

To put it in context, it is worth saying that during 2020 and in full quarantine, the video platform was (after Zoom, obviously) one of the applications that grew the most in downloads and active users.

From there, absolutely unexpected phenomena occurred. Fleetwood Mac, for example, had an unusual revitalization after an unknown user of the platform reached stratospheric levels of viralization with a short clip of him skateboarding and drinking juice, while the band’s classic was playing, Dreams, from the year 1977.

But in reality there are many songs that can hit you randomly, such as the one that best illustrates bloopers on virals, known for her chorus that simply says “Oh no, no no no.” How to measure the “indecipherable carambola” that these may have hits virals in combination with algorithms, the original theme of that remix is Remember (walking in the sand), from an old girl band from the ’60s called The Shangri-las. Or, much more here and on another scale, what happened in recent years with the song The pupera, by Mona Jiménez, which today is synonymous with Friday and celebration in the social networks of Cordovan users.

“There are some elements that just ‘work’ in the app. We are looking for a 15 second vocal hook, often with clear and actionable words, a kind of call to action. Something that the user can apply to his own life, “he explained to TechRadar Dylan Easter, music partnership manager in the company of marketing in Fanbytes social networks.

The expert reveals that he has worked to position artists who on YouTube had three million views, and who on TikTok reach 17.4 million. That percentage would be a common difference between platforms.

Some sources in the music industry estimate that 50 percent of the songs played on TikTok are not licensed, which has sparked a long series of lawsuits with record labels (something that would now supposedly be solved with the signed agreement).

The “challenge” as a new standard

Often these phenomena occur with dances, movements or situations that become challenges, or challenges in the networks, which are replicated in an unstoppable domino effect of incalculable dimensions. What continues to sound is the music that accompanies the viral, while its reproduction grows exponentially.

Some analysts see a panorama in which all the singles (the format par excellence at this time in the music industry) are edited “by default” with their own challenge for its launch, almost as it happens naturally with video clips.

The music, well in the background

There are a couple of substantive questions to ask. The first and obvious one is that, like practically everything in this new pandemic reality, the music industry is extremely hit economically, with the sale of physical copies as a thing of the past (although they also explode the heart of the fan who pays whatever for the vinyls).

In this context, the figures produced by these digital platforms are of course more than tempting to point the guns at this form of consumption and see how monetization is achieved.

For the artists themselves, this also represents another interesting potential source of income, although they warn that, if the deal has been made with a major label, “they will only receive between 10 and 15 percent of the profits generated.”

And the second question is to ask oneself about the role, increasingly secondary and almost like ambient music, that is given to the songs. The songs become an instrument that no longer operates due to its own melodic, harmonic or semantic content characteristics due to its lyrics, but as an indissoluble complement as part of its exploitation within another larger platform, in this case TikTok.

To make matters worse, with the addition of the ultravolatility of these times: if the miracle does not occur in 15 seconds, a scroll and another thing, that for something they have made them infinite.


Telemundo 47 and NBC 4 New York’s “Proyecto Innovación” subsidy program returns with more funds in 2021 – Telemundo New York (47)

Telemundo 47 and NBC 4 New York’s “Proyecto Innovación” subsidy program returns with more funds in 2021 – Telemundo New York (47)


FORT LEE, NJ – (Jan 8, 2021) – Telemundo 47 / WNJU, NBC 4 New York / WNBC and Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation will introduce their competitive grant program, Project Innovation for the fourth consecutive year when grant applications open on the 8th January 2021. Those local nonprofit organizations that are helping communities move forward, fostering a culture of equity and inclusion, creating avenues for people to participate and volunteer in community engagement efforts, fostering the next generation of storytellers and providing young people with the tools they need to be successful in multiple disciplines, including entrepreneurship, they are encouraged to submit a grant application for Project Innovation in nbcuproyectoinnovacion.com or in english in nbcuprojectinnovation.com between January 8 and February 12, 2021.

“Local nonprofit organizations have been on the front line throughout the pandemic, offering essential services and working 24 hours a day to support our neighbors in need,” said Cristina Schwarz, President and General Manager of Telemundo 47. “Project Innovation is one of the most important vehicles of our station to recognize these good works and celebrate their success. We strongly encourage tri-state nonprofits to participate in this year’s grant round. Regardless of the language they speak or the neighborhood they serve ”.

Telemundo 47, NBC 4 New York and Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation will award a total of $ 315,000 (compared to $ 225,000) to up to 12 community organizations in participating markets in May 2021. In total, across all participating markets, A total of $ 3,475 million will be awarded to eligible nonprofits, compared to $ 2,475 million awarded in previous years.

“Our grant program benefits local nonprofits that share WNBC’s commitment to diversity, opportunity creation, civic engagement and community service,” said Eric Lerner, President and General Manager of NBC 4 New York. “Through our partnership with the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation we have raised additional funding for Project Innovation and are going to award more money to many more community organizations than ever before. This will make a difference in our neighborhoods and generate positive social change. “

To learn more about the program, join an informational webinar on January 27 at 1 PM. Confirm your attendance here. Access the rules and program eligibility at nbcuproyectoinnovacion.com. To access information in English, including the grant application, as well as the rules and program eligibility requirements, visit nbcuprojectinnovation.com.

Featured in 11 markets including New York, Telemundo 47 and NBC 4 New York will select and award grants to eligible nonprofits located and operating in New York, with a budget of more than $ 100,000 (defined by presentation plus organization’s recent IRS 990-N), and whose programs are helping solve everyday community problems in any of the following four grant categories:

1. Community Participation: Programs that allow people to participate and volunteer in their communities.

2. Culture of Inclusion: Programs that promote equitable access, opportunities and resources for traditionally underrepresented communities.

3. Next Generation Storytellers: Programs that promote access and develop avenues for emerging talents, diverse voices, and underrepresented youth to explore careers in news, entertainment, sports, and the arts.

4. Youth Education and Empowerment: In-school and out-of-school programs that equip youth with the tools they need to be successful, including STEM / STEAM education and youth entrepreneurship.

Participating markets in Project Innovation 2021 include: New York (WNBC, WNJU), Southern California (KNBC, KVEA), Chicago (WMAQ, WSNS), Philadelphia (WCAU, WWSI), Dallas-Fort Worth (KXAS, KXTX), Boston (WBTS, WNEU, NECN), Hartford, CT (WVIT, WRDM), Washington, DC (WRC-TV, WZDC), Miami-Fort Lauderdale (WTVJ, WSCV), San Francisco Bay Area (KNTV, KSTS ) and San Diego (KNSD, KUAN).

For more information on the competitive grant program, Project Innovation, including a list of past winners from the local area, click here. Follow the show on social media at @NBCUFoundation and #ProjectInnovation.


Latin music, the 20 of 2020

Latin music, the 20 of 2020

Once saturation with the series’ marathons and movie run set in, music became the favorite haven and company of inmates and essential workers.

Platforms such as Spotify and measurement companies such as Nielsen revealed that many combined their self-created playlists with the enjoyment of entire albums – as was done before – some of them delivered and conceived in 2020.

Here are the ones that left the biggest mark in order of appearance: