Hristo Ivanov: I can become prime minister and take responsibility

HRISTO IVANOV Ivanov complained about the lack of dialogue with “There is such a people” The co-chairman of Democratic Bulgaria, Hristo Ivanov, said he was ready to take responsibility and become prime minister if necessary. In an interview with Free Europe, he stressed that “there are other solutions to this post” and that is why […]

Radev: I strongly supported the summit with Putin (Updated)

President Rumen Radev Bulgaria supports the initiative of France and Germany to conduct a direct dialogue with Russia, in which solutions to open issues should be sought. This was stated by President Rumen Radev to journalists in Brussels after his participation in the European Council meeting, the press office of our head of state announced. […]

The laboratory of the future of Mexico and Latin America – El Financiero

Any problem that is tolerated and that is not solved today, becomes tomorrow’s tax. The world is increasingly filled with half-truths and unverified assumptions. Ideologies are giving us submission to beliefs, rather than an exploratory possibility to form truths. It’s all about a competition to grab our attention. From movie and streaming content, every notification […]

In the Science Factor competition, young people full of solutions

“Fall-prevention” slippers for grandparents, an app to book your canteen meal or an ecological filter for an exhaust pipe: young people have no shortage of ideas, as long as they are asked and given. gives them the tools. Since 2011, the Science Factor competition has distinguished innovations brought by middle and high school students, thus […]

“Stand up! Get out!” wants a moratorium on cabinet decisions

Maya Manolova On Monday, we are submitting a decision on a moratorium on the decisions of the Council of Ministers, said the chairman of the parliamentary group “Stand up! Get out!” Maya Manolova in a live video on Facebook. “It should be clear that Borissov will stop distributing money and concessions. The resigned cabinet has […]

This is how digital contact tracking works with Meetbook from Düsseldorf

April 15, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. Paid content: Coronakrise in Düsseldorf : New contact tracking system To visit shops, customers could check in using a “meetbook”. Foto: Bretz, Andreas (abr) Düsseldorf With “Meetbook” from Düsseldorf, chains of infection could be quickly traced. Registrations, for example in shops or trams, are possible automatically using a smartphone. […]

Presidential 2022: what solutions if the Covid is still present?

“If the Covid is still present next year, a postponement of thepresidential election or is an electronic voting system possible? ” April 2022, so far, so close … The question we are asking Maxime is not as far-fetched as it looks. Efficacy of the vaccine, appearance of other variants… There are still too many unknowns […]