Prospective US Army School Bus Hijackers, Even Dizzy Children Ask Many Pages all

RICHLAND, – An army recruiting man Army United States of America (AS) plow school bus contain children.

However, the man ended up releasing the children because they asked too many questions and made the man dizzy and frustrated.

Launch The Independent, Saturday (8/5/2021), the man named Jovan Collazo (23). He attended military education in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

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Initially, he intercepted and boarded the school bus on the interstate highway on Thursday (6/5/2021).

Suddenly, Collazo demanded that the bus driver divert his destination to a nearby city while carrying the children on the bus.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott told reporters Collazo told the bus driver he didn’t want to hurt him.

Collazo ordered the 18 children to the front of the bus. However, Collazo became frustrated that the children were asking a lot of questions.

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Children asked, ‘Are you going to hurt us?’ ‘Are you a soldier?’ ‘Are you a bus driver?’ I think it frustrates him, “said Lott.

After six minutes, the would-be soldier let the driver and children off the bus and drove the bus briefly along the interstate road.

After that, Collazo stopped and just left the bus.

Lott said this was the first time a school bus was hijacked by a suspect who is a potential member of the armed forces.

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Fortunately, the bus driver had recently been trained to deal with such situations.

“Bus drivers are unsung heroes, and we saw them today. We saw a bus driver who cared about the children on the bus, ”added Lott.

He said the children felt traumatized because there were “bad guys” on the bus carrying weapons.

CCTV footage from inside the bus about piracy has been released. The footage shows a man holding a firearm and wearing a T-shirt with the words “ARMY” on the front.

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Collazo was heard shouting instructions to the bus driver, “Shut the door, walk, walk!”

He was charged with 19 counts of kidnapping, armed robbery and several other crimes.

Apparently, Collazo fled from Fort Jackson after only following three weeks of military education.

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dozens of soldiers killed by jihadists in the North East

Published on :

At least 31 soldiers in convoy were killed on Sunday in an ambush by jihadists on a road in northeast Nigeria.

Jihadists linked to the Islamic State organization ambushed and killed at least 31 soldiers on Sunday, April 25, on a road in northeastern Nigeria, we learned Monday morning from two army officials. “In the terrorist ambush, we lost 31 soldiers, including their commander, who was a lieutenant colonel,” a military officer said on condition of anonymity.

Around 20 vehicles of fighters from the Islamic State in West Africa (Iswap) group attacked a military convoy at around noon (11 a.m. GMT) on Sunday in the town of Mainok, located on the outskirts of Maiduguri, the capital of the Borno State, epicenter of the jihadist insurgency in the northeast which has lasted for more than ten years.

Rain of rockets

The convoy was transporting weapons to Maiduguri when it was attacked, said a second military source who gave a similar toll. “The terrorists arrived in several trucks, including four armored vehicles and engaged the convoy in a fierce battle,” said the second officer.

The jihadists “rained” rockets on the convoy and overwhelmed the soldiers, resulting in “colossal losses” of soldiers, he said: “We have lost a lot of men in a horrible way.”

The jihadists seized weapons and two tanks during the attack before invading a military base outside Mainok, the two sources said. They partially burned it as well as several military vehicles.

In the past, Mainok has been targeted several times by the jihadists, who in particular had already invaded its military base.

Iswap frequently sets up bogus checkpoints along the road from Maiduguri to Damaturu in neighboring Yobe state, where Mainok is located, killing and kidnapping travelers.

Since the rebellion of the radical Islamist group Boko Haram began in 2009 in northeastern Nigeria, the conflict has left nearly 36,000 dead and two million displaced. In 2016, the group split, with the historical faction on one side and the Iswap, recognized by the Islamic State organization, on the other.

Another city attacked

In neighboring Yobe state, around 2,000 people fled the town of Geidam over the weekend, which was attacked by other Iswap fighters on Friday evening.

In the fighting between the army and these jihadists on Friday, at least 11 civilians were killed, residents told AFP.

Residents began to flee after the murder, according to them, of two Christians and two Muslim teachers. “Everyone is fleeing because the insurgents have started killing those who are Christians and those who have a Western education,” Babagana Kyari told AFP. “They arrived at their home and slit their throats,” another resident, Ari Sanda, also told AFP.

In a statement released on Saturday, the army said it had pushed back the jihadists from Geidam, but residents and local officials say they are still there on Monday.

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