Covid is ‘crazy’ again in European countries and its causes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Several European countries are currently experiencing a spike in cases Covid-19. Some of them are Russia, English, and German. Russia itself had scored the highest increase in the number of deaths when the virus infection increased, which reached more than 1,000 people. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that […]

6 Legendary Treasures of This World Undiscovered, Nazi Number 4 Gold in Lake Toplitz

loading… BERLIN – Treasures are often identified by many people in fairy tales. In fact, since ancient times, many stories and legends regarding priceless treasures have been scattered all over the world. Treasures around the world are buried in hidden locations, stolen, or lost. Many hunters have tried to find its whereabouts, but have not […]

Coming to Singapore, 6 World Countries Hit by Energy Crisis

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The current energy crisis is starting to hit the world. This is caused by the increase in post-pandemic economic activity but cannot be compared with the supply supply. This also began to affect several countries of the world. From Europe to Asia all complained about the energy deficit that made production […]

Sir David Amess Murder in Church Was A Terrorist Incident

loading… LONDON – London Metropolitan Police, English , concluded that the murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess was an incident terrorist . The politician was stabbed several times during a gathering at the church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, on Friday (10/15/2021). The Metropolitan Police said it was possible the attack was linked to an extremist […]

Sex activities at home are too noisy, these sex workers are expelled from housing

loading… LONDON – A prostitute (PSK) in English carry out their profession at home for lockdown COVID-19. However, he was eventually evicted from a local housing estate because his sexual activity was too noisy and neighbors complained. Nicola Parry is accused of having noisy sex parties with about 10 men at once at her semi-detached […]

UK MP stabbed to death in church

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – British MP David Amess was stabbed to death in a church in Essex. The incident happened when David was meeting with his supporters. Local police said the incident was part of a terrorist attack. Amess, 69, is a member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. He was stabbed repeatedly while […]

UK Plans to Increase Military Presence in South China Sea

loading… SINGAPORE – English plans to increase its presence in South China Sea (LCS) contested and areas Indo-Pacific . This was revealed by the Chief of Staff of the British Air Force, Marshal Mike Wigston. Talking above HMS Queen Elizabeth . aircraft carrier belonging to the British Navy docked at Singapore , Wigston said that […]

Save 12 SAS Soldiers in Afghanistan, This Pair of Dogs Wins a Medal of Courage

loading… LONDON – A pair dog special forces English received a medal of bravery after saving the lives of 12 SAS soldiers in Afghanistan. The two highly trained Belgian Malinoi dogs were pulled from Afghanistan hours before the capital, Kabul, fell to the Taliban. The animal – known as a land shark by its handlers […]

Revealed! A series of causes of the energy crisis in Europe & China

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Energy crisis is happening in a number of countries in the world, such as the UK and China. This was marked by skyrocketing gas and coal prices, followed by an increase in oil prices. The Governor of Indonesia for the 2015-2016 Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries Widhyawan Prawiraatmadja said, at […]

Without Harry Kane, England Celebrate Five Goals Against Andorra

All of England’s goalscorers in this match were created by different players. The England national team is still too tough for Andorra and it can be seen from the 5-0 score that was created when the two met at the Estadi Nacional, Sunday (10/10) early this morning. Of matchday In all seven 2022 World Cup […]