The Father Bestows the Divine Name ‘Innocent’ in the Call.

Every person living in this world will have a name. I have often felt that this vast world is rich with many names, old and new, that we never hear of. Although I have been to many foreign countries, I hear such a special name from a person in our country. I thought it was […]

Police Investigate Burning of Elderly Man in London After Returning from Mosque

Jakarta – An 82 year old man was burned by someone near the mosque in Ealing, London West. The anti-terrorism police are investigating this case. Reported AFPThe arson attempt occurred at 19.00 local time, Monday (27/2/2023). It is known, a man allegedly involved was arrested in Birmingham, Central England. “We are working with the Metropolitan […]

UK to collect 100,000 baby genomes to study genetic conditions

The study will see around one in 12 newborns in England and Wales screened voluntarily over a two year period. PHOTOS/ DAILY LONDON – English is expected to begin the genome sequencing process involving 100,000 newborns later this year. This will be the largest study of its kind to map the complete genetic sequence set […]

“A Film by Sanjeev Sivan: Flowed Flowed Flowed”

A history of many specialties and great technicians coming together flowed, flowed, flowed. This film is directed by Sanjeev Sivan. Sanjeev Sivan, the younger brother of the Santosh Sivan – Sangeet Sivan brothers who have shone at the national and international levels, is very popular in feature films, documentaries and short films. The film is […]

Kalidas mocks Malavika and you’ll be furious with me for sharing this video

A video shared on social media by Kalidas Jayaram, Malavika’s brother, is now viral. Kalidas starts the birthday note with the introduction that Malavika will be angry to death for posting this video here. This is a video captured during an old interview of Jayaram and Parvathy. Children Kalidas and Malavika can be seen in […]

Tony Blair: Putin Cannot Justify Invasion of Ukraine using Iraq as Precedent

Former UK PM Tony Blair said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not the same as the US invasion of Iraq. Photo/Reuters LONDON – Former Prime Minister English Tony Blair said the invasion Russia the Ukraine cannot be equated with the United States (US)-led invasion of Iraq. He made this statement ahead of the 20th anniversary […]

Chelsea Reunites with Apathy in the English League

Real Madrid’s rival in the quarterfinals draws 2-2 against Everton. seemed recovered of his problems the Chelsea, when Everton pushed him until he relapsed. The ‘Blues’ wasted two advantages and they allowed themselves to be tied in the final minutes, to give it a braking to the psychic recovery of Graham Potter’s team. Despite the […]

Why Are Brits at Risk of Being Threatened Without a Passport?

Jakarta – Britons are at risk of having a hard time getting a passport. Why, more than 1,000 British passport office workers decided to strike for the next five weeks. Reported from Reuters, On Saturday (18/3/2023) they are members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union at most UK passport offices, including in London, […]

Australian Ambassador Addresses Regional Peace During Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Discussion on Nuclear Ships

Jakarta – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) highlights the project nuclear submarine Australia which the United Kingdom and the United States assisted in cooperation VICTIM. Australia immediately answered the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an explanation that the AUKUS project was carried out for the […]