As of November 1, a number of iPhone series cannot use WhatsApp

Jakarta: WhatsApp is a very reliable and widely used messaging application, so when WhatsApp was down some time ago this became a big problem. However, to experience the latest features available, users must have a device that supports the application update. WhatsApp some time ago released an announcement that they would focus on developing a […]

US companies are moving south

Goodbye, California Tesla boss Elon Musk moves the company headquarters to Austin, Texas. (Photo: AP) New York In the middle of Texas, Elon Musk announced his departure from Silicon Valley on Friday. In Austin, where Tesla is already building a large plant, the electrical pioneer announced to investors that the headquarters would be relocated to […]

How to upgrade to Windows 11 even if your PC is a little too old

With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced new minimum requirements for the hardware on which the operating system can run. Among other things, a relatively new processor is required and that the security module called TPM 2.0 is available and activated. But it is entirely possible to upgrade older PCs to Windows 11 as well, by […]

The robot can walk and fly. He could work in disaster sites and on Mars

It weighs only 2.5 kilograms and is 70 centimeters high. But as the only robot in the world, he can do what has only been possible in sci-fi movies. Walk and fly. How it is possible is explained by his very name Leonardo – an acronym from the English “LEgs ONnboARD drOn”, which literally means […]

Part of the iphone fell out? (Technology, cell phone, technology)

I need help is what is the name of this part or what kind of part is it? I bought the iphone 8 on the refurbed side for 6 months, until now it works very well better than any other cell phone I had, but something flew out of this hole where the charging cable […]

The microwave oven: as effective as it is safe

There are (we are) many people who have a microwave oven at home. But there are still reluctants who worry about their safety, and the controversy they generated when they were invented shortly after World War II still lingers. It is true that certain precautions must be taken when using them, which are different from […]