Looking for ideas for accident insurance

11/25/2020 – Accident insurance is expected to earn even more in 2020. The loss rate is falling in the wake of the corona crisis. But the Covid-19 virus could cost the industry dearly. Among other things, a specialist conference dealt with further inclusions. The consequences of Covid 19 disease should, according to Dr. Sonja Possin […]

“Sustainable”: When the customer and the insurer mean something else

11/25/2020 – Sustainability can be understood to mean different things. According to a new survey, that seems to be particularly true when it comes to insurance. While providers tend to focus on green systems, when it comes to sustainability and insurance, customers tend to think of security and the long term. Basically, however, only very […]

The Supreme Court decided on the cost of remedying a defect

11/25/2020 – After a poorly installed pane of glass broke, the insurer had the damage repaired and wanted the company that caused the defect to reimburse the costs. The Supreme Court decided: The insurance company should have given the company the opportunity to repair the damage itself. The defendant company made an assembly error in […]

Lawyer (m / f / d) with a focus on public building and planning law

a modern company with more than 95 years of tradition. Around 70 lawyers, two tax consultants and three notaries advise the public sector and companies in Hamm, Berlin, Münster and Osnabrück. To strengthen our team on site Münster let’s look for one as soon as possible Lawyer (m / f / d) with a focus […]

No legal protection in exceptional situations? VKI complains.

11/23/2020 – Citing an exceptional situation clause, the defendant insurer rejected legal protection for various lawsuits relating to Covid-19. The Association for Consumer Information has now complained that this clause is grossly disadvantageous, non-transparent and therefore prohibited. The Commercial Court of Vienna largely agreed with his argument. The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) as an […]

Referent (w / m / d) – Online Marketing / Focus Email Marketing

We live consumer protection. Independent and objective. Creative test ideas, exciting projects and interesting results that support consumers in their purchase decision: This is our world. We have been carrying out comparative tests of goods and services since 1964, which we publish in our market-leading titles test and Finanztest as well as online on test.de. […]