Assault on Capitol, McCarthy Refuses to Cooperate in Investigation – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 12 JAN – The leader of the Republican minority in the House Kevin McCarthy has announced that he will refuse to collaborate with the ‘House’ commission that investigates the assault on the Capitol. The deputy investigators had asked for his voluntary cooperation, having been in contact with Donald Trump before, during and […]

Restart for “Struma”, the option with a tunnel through the gorge returns

This is a project of the Struma route with a tunnel through the Kresna Gorge. The second route was in an easterly direction on the slope of Pirin The European Commission strongly opposes the idea of ​​the route of the Struma highway passing through the Kresna Gorge. Therefore, we return to the other two alternatives […]

The minimum wage remains at BGN 650 until the end of March

Deputies in the 47th National Assembly BGN 650 will be the minimum wage in Bulgaria at least until the end of March, despite the commitment of the four-party coalition to become at least BGN 700. This became clear after the budget committee of the National Assembly approved the extension of last year’s state budget until […]

Toma Belev – former head of Vitosha Park, will be Deputy Minister of Ecology

TOMA BELEV PP and BSP are arguing over who should take the regional commission of the National Assembly Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Ecology Borislav Sandov is preparing an entirely conservation team for his political cabinet. He has already made his proposals for deputy ministers to Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, 24 Chasa has learned. […]

Do MPs receive a salary of over BGN 10,000?

Deputies during the meeting of the temporary committee on the new rules of procedure of the National Assembly. Dispute in the committee on the rules whether the MPs should take money only from a bank Do MPs receive a salary of over BGN 10,000? This issue was raised in the temporary committee for the drafting […]

Did you fall into the credit card business? – The financial

You go to the supermarket and you find yourself promoting a card; they propose to grant you one in the correspondence of your account statements; They dial you on the phone offering them; you go online and you get advertising about them. Why? Simple, it is a good business for banks, capturing below 5 percent […]

SANS to the CEC: 427 are the additional voting machines

Voting machines in one of the warehouses. However, these are the legal ones that the CEC knows about. 427 are the additional voting machines, which were imported in our country without being the subject of an order from the Central Election Commission. This became clear from a letter from SANS to the CEC, which was […]