How do children, young people and their families get out of the pandemic?

In October 2021, LH Wallner and LRin Wiesflecker will present a 20 million package of opportunities for children, young people and their families: increase educational opportunities, cushion psychological stress, preserve contact and development opportunities. Since March 2020, the lives of children and young people have changed abruptly within a few days: toddler care, kindergartens, schools […]

Styria show in the Museum of History

With the user andress and the password andress you can get an overview of a participant’s user account. The following functions are available to you, among others: Edit user profile and bank details Change Password Put courses on the watch list Overview of the registrations If a user account is required for other groups such […]

Colombian companies will be in the ShowRoom Puerto Rico to achieve exports

A group of 15 Colombian companies will visit San Juan de Puerto Rico to present to businessmen from the construction sector, hardware dealers, architects and Puerto Rican designers a wide range of materials for construction, within the framework of the first in-person ShowRoom of 2021, organized by ProColombia . During the meeting, which will take […]

Lookouts and squatters liable to fines from Tuesday

The experimentation with fixed tort fines begins this Tuesday in the cities of Rennes, Créteil, Foix, Lille, Marseille and Reims. After the flat-rate for the use of narcotics generalized in 2020, new “fixed tort fines” (AFP) are being tested from this Tuesday, October 19. Read alsoPascal Gastineau: “The sling of the police of the” stups […]

After more than five years, Roger Federer left the top ten

The Swiss, inactive due to a knee injury, goes through the epilogue of his professional career. The Swiss, inactive due to a knee injury, goes through the epilogue of his professional career. Roger Federer officially emerged from the top ten of the ATP rankings today for the first time in more than five years, dropping […]

Gay couple attack CAF after surrogacy in the US

STORY – These two married men consider themselves victims of discrimination because they did not receive the birth bonus. They are married, happy parents of a 17-month-old baby boy and have an up-to-date family record book. But no, they cannot provide this pregnancy certificate that the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) requires them to issue them […]

Fundraiser for LaGuardia Community College Students

Álvaro Chavarriaga decided to return to university in the midst of a pandemic. Her hours at work had already been cut, and although she received financial aid, the money was not enough. “Financial obligations continued, because you had to pay rent, you had to look for food, you had to pay other financial obligations on […]

First study for midwives at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

October 17, 2021 at 2:16 pm Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences : 25 future midwives start their studies Angela Brellos (left) is a lecturer in the new course. She teaches Nadine Pruschek (front right) and 24 other women. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld Each semester, around twelve weeks of theory lessons and eleven weeks of […]

The father of a terminally ill boy created the medicine himself

Photo: Weibo Chinese home laboratory At that time, he only had a secondary education, so he enrolled in public courses at the university. In China, the father of a boy suffering from the fatal Menkes disease managed to independently create a medicine for his son. The newspaper South China Morning Post writes about it. Menkes […]

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