The Red Cross responded to accusations of complicity with the Russian Federation

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The ICRC called the accusations of the Ukrainian side false and spoke about the efforts to “meet humanitarian needs.”

The International Humanitarian Organization Red Cross reacted to the Ukrainian side’s accusations of “impotence” and “forced deportation” of Mariupol residents to the Russian Federation. All data in the organization facts called false.

Recall, the day before, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk said that the Red Cross helped to forcibly evacuate Ukrainian citizens to Russia (according to the latest data, we are talking about 40,000 forcibly evacuated Mariupol residents), and that the organization allegedly receives funding from the Russian Federation.

“The Red Cross itself announced its participation in the transfer of people from Mariupol to Russia. Subsequently, they removed this publication, but it was too late. Yes, I can confirm this,” Vereshchuk told Strana quoted People’s Deputy of Ukraine Galina Tretyakova on her Facebook page.

The Deputy Prime Minister claims that Ukraine did not agree on a humanitarian corridor towards Russia.

“We are deeply outraged by the behavior of the Red Cross,” Vereshchuk said, adding that the organization refuses to provide stickers with its logo for vehicles taking people out of the shelling.

When asked by a Strana journalist why the Red Cross is helping Russia, Vereshchuk replied: “We have reason to believe that money does not smell. That’s all … Nobody hid that the Red Cross receives donations from Russia.”

According to Vereshchuk, the International Red Cross has completely discredited itself.

On my own site The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reacted to the scandal by calling the accusations of the Ukrainian side false.

“In the past few days, false information about the ICRC has been spreading, which we consider it our duty to refute, since it can seriously affect people suffering from the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine … This information is not true,” the press release says.

The ICRC stressed that the organization never helps organize or carry out forced evacuations.

“We twice participated in evacuations on the territory of Ukraine – on March 15 and 18 in Sumy – by facilitating the voluntary and safe exit of the population from the city. In both cases, people voluntarily boarded buses that took them to another Ukrainian city – Lubny,” – emphasized in the message.

It is also noted that additional ICRC staff were sent not only to Ukraine, but also to neighboring Hungary, Moldova, Poland, the Russian Federation and Romania “to support our operations and effectively meet humanitarian needs.”

“As part of building up our capacity in the region, we are also discussing opening a representative office in Rostov-on-Don, in southern Russia, where the ICRC has no presence yet,” the organization’s website says.

For example, ICRC President Peter Maurer visited Ukraine And Russiawhere he discussed humanitarian issues.

“Establishing and maintaining a dialogue with parties to a conflict is necessary in order to gain access to all affected people, with the necessary security guarantees that will enable our staff to deliver life-saving assistance. Another purpose of such dialogue is to remind parties to a conflict of their obligations under international humanitarian law, including the right of the ICRC to conduct humanitarian visits to prisoners of war and other persons protected by the Geneva Conventions, wherever they are,” the International Red Cross said.

Red Cross intensifies efforts to organize humanitarian corridors and evacuation

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