Emails between scientists leaked: COVID thought dropped from Wuhan laboratory

Leading British and American scientists believe that the coronavirus may have accidentally leaked from the laboratory in Wuhan, but fear that further debate will harm science in China and “international harmony”, writes the British newspaper The Telegraph. refers to disclosed emails. An email from Sir Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, on 2 February […]

The Minister of Health: Omicron will be more severe in Bulgaria

Kostadin Angelov It doesn’t matter how Omicron works in Europe and how it will work in Bulgaria, it will probably be harder in Bulgaria, predicts Prof. Dr. Kostadin Angelov, former Minister of Health in the GERB government, according to BNT. In other countries 70% of the population are vaccinated, in Bulgaria 70% are unvaccinated, he […]

A Bulgarian man arrested in India for running a credit card withdrawal scheme

A Bulgarian man who led a scheme to extort credit cards from his hotel in India was arrested in Mumbai. Photo: Pixabay Mumbai law enforcement has arrested a Bulgarian man who ran a credit card debit scheme at his hotel in India. His name is Fergier Vensislav Donchor (probably wrong pronunciation and spelling of Ventsislav […]

Infectious disease: I am optimistic that COVID-19 will self-destruct

PHOTO: Pixabay “The coronavirus has mutated so that it is quite dangerous to humans. An optimist, he will soon destroy himself.” This was stated by Prof. Dr. Georgi Popov to Nova tv. According to him, the new version of Omicron probably originates from sub-Saharan Africa – Nigeria, Congo and Botswana. “In these countries, a virus […]

There will be no government before the 16th European Council

President Rumen Radev and Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev are in dialogue, but there is still no softening of Sofia’s position on the accession of RS Macedonia. PHOTO: PRESIDENCY OF THE PRESIDENT It is theoretically possible to vote on December 15, but it is very unlikely The election of the new Bulgarian government may come […]

Why grandmothers love madly

Special centers are activated in their brains when they see their grandson You’ve probably disapproved of the way grandmothers treat your children. You find it a pampering and undermining rules that you have managed to introduce into their lives. For example, you are surprised to find that your own mother secretly gives extra chocolate to […]

61 cases of the new strain Omicron in the Netherlands

COVID-19. PHOTO: Reuters About 61 cases of COVID-19 identified among passengers arriving in the Netherlands from the Republic of South Africa (South Africa) yesterday are likely to be on the new Omicron variant. This was announced today by the Dutch health authorities, quoted by world agencies, BTA reported. According to the National Institute of Health […]

Study: Unvaccinated people are 20 times more likely to die than COVID

COVID-19 PHOTO: Pixabay People who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 are 20 times more likely to die from the coronavirus than fully vaccinated people, according to a recent study published by the Texas federal government. announced the online news agency Axios in a post on Tuesday. To determine the results of the vaccination in […]