Enough accuses Government of ordering report to try to outlaw party – Politics

The national leadership of Chega on Tuesday accused the government of ordering and encouraging a “supposed European report” on the extreme right in an attempt to outlaw the party led by André Ventura. “Chega denounces and regrets the disclosure of an alleged European report in which Chega is given serious responsibility for the alleged rise […]

Portugal falls in the middle of the European minimum wage table – Employment

Portugal is in tenth place in the table that organizes the minimum wages of 21 European countries, from the highest to the lowest. This data was released this Friday, February 5th, by Eurostat, and Portugal appears in tenth place with a minimum wage of 776 gross euros, since the statistics office chose to monthly dilute […]

Chinese tech giants lose 260 billion in stock in two days – Markets

The tech giants in China have already lost nearly $ 260 billion in market value in the past two days, after Beijing moved forward with legislation to limit the growing power of these listed companies. Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com, Meituan and Xiaomi all slide up to 8%, after sinking in the previous session. Alibaba lost 9.80% […]

Portugal off the Swiss ‘black list’ – World

The Swiss federal authorities decided this Wednesday to lift restrictions on the entry of people from most countries and regions that were on their black list, including Portugal. Nationals or travelers from those countries no longer have to fulfill a 10-day quarantine upon arrival, under penalty of a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs (9,350 euros). […]

A few dozen people protest against earlier closing hours of cafés | Bruges | Near

Mathias Mariën October 11, 2020 15u13 Part via Facebook 60 Tweet Benny Proot Wooden crosses were planted in the Astrid Park. Brugge A few Bruges café owners and dozens of customers campaigned against the earlier closing time on Sunday afternoon. “That is a disaster for many cafés,” explains Jordi Bamps, manager of the metal café […]