Statement of Student Attitude After the Tangerang Police ‘Smackdown’ Incident

Tangerang – Amount student give a statement of attitude after the police incident slams the demonstrators in the district government Tangerang. The incident is considered to have a domino effect. This statement of attitude was uploaded in the form of a video on the Instagram account @polreskotatangerang. In the video, a number of students can […]

Police Officers Smash Students to Seizures, Tangerang Police Chief Apologizes

JAKARTA, – Tangerang City Police Chief Kombes Pol Wahyu Sri Bintoro apologized to Mr student who became victims of being slammed by unscrupulous police. Previously, a video of a police officer slamming a student demonstrating in front of the Tangerang Regent’s Office went viral. “Banten Police and Tangerang Police apologize to victims who experienced […]

Hector Jimenez-Bravo showed how he looked in his youth

Photo: Hector Jimenez-Bravo The popular TV presenter received a flash mob and shared an archived snapshot from his student life. The famous Colombian chef and Ukrainian host of the show MasterChef Hector Jimenez-Bravo showed himself in childhood. He posted the corresponding photo on Instagram. Hector published an archival photograph that was taken 30 years […]

Emanuela became a student and dropped a bomb with an intimate confession PHOTOS

Pop folk diva Emanuela is like a box of surprises, some of which are more striking. Recently, from a chat with her fans on social networks, it became clear that the singer is already a student, but you will not believe in what specialty, writes The 40-year-old pop-folk singer is another confirmation that a […]

Often Use Gadgets for Online Schools? Beware There Are 200 Dangerous Applications

Jakarta – Not all areas are running yet Limited PTM make students still have to go to school online or online from home. However, students need to be careful in using gadgets because there are hundreds of dangerous applications. Anything? The malicious app was discovered by the cybersecurity research firm Zimperium Labs. They reported the […]

American football star was shot at a party in the United States

Photo: Twitter Collegiate football player Aaron Lowe assassinated Aaron Lowe was a sophomore at the University of Utah for which he played. In the American city of Salt Lake City, Utah, there was a shooting at a house party. As a result, the nation’s varsity college football player, 21-year-old Aaron Lowe, was killed. About this […]

Top 3 Techno News Today: Teachers and Students Positive for Covid-19 During PTM, iOS 15

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Top 3 Tekno Today’s news starting from the topic of the Semarang City Health Office, Central Java Province, it was noted that there were seven teachers and students who were positively infected with Covid-19 during the implementation of face-to-face learning or limited PTM. “The case findings are spread across four elementary schools,” […]

The cause of death of a student in Kiev after vaccination is named

The young man was vaccinated in the afternoon, and he died in the evening It will take a month to establish the final cause of death. Previously, the student died of cardiopulmonary failure and pulmonary edema. The preliminary cause of death of a 19-year-old student after COVID vaccination is cardiopulmonary failure, pulmonary edema, acute coronary […]