Reversal! What did Maria Ignatova and Noisy do after the wedding …

The wedding of Maria Ignatova and Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy was among the most commented and surprising secular news in recent days. The intellectual journalist and Dimitar Rachkov’s former partner got married in a modest ceremony in the village of Zhiten in the presence of only their closest people. Then they treated the relatives and godparents in […]

Wedding right in MasterChef! He married a favorite contestant

Wedding in MasterChef! Former contestant Pavel Berky and his fiancé Matěj Pardus made their wedding vows in front of the cameras. They tried the wedding ceremony cleanly and the contestants of the show were able to cook for former participants at the wedding reception. On Tuesday, a festive atmosphere prevailed in the MasterChef Česko kitchen. […]

Lapo Elkann got married, secret wedding with Joana Lemos – Culture & Shows

Lapo Elkann married Joana Lemos, 48, former rally driver, winner of the Paris-Dakar in 1997. The wedding, which took place in Portugal in a very confidential manner, was attended – according to what we learn – by the John brothers and Geneva and close friends. Joana Lemos is vice president of the Laps Foundation, founded […]

In spite of Rachkov! Maria Ignatova revealed spicy details …

Maria Ignatova and Noisy continue to reveal details of their secret wedding in the village of Zhiten. The presenter shared on social networks what gifts the newlyweds received, writes. This happened days after Dimitar Rachkov talked to her in his show on Sunday. Tsvetkov’s family surprised the couple with a lighted icon to protect […]

Hoax after the wedding! Rachkov cruelly presented Maria Ignatova S …

Dimitar Rachkov decided once again to joke with his ex-girlfriend Maria Ignatova during his live broadcast on Sunday. “You probably think being on TV every Sunday is a big party. An acorn dropped by a squirrel has a more interesting life than I do. They don’t let me out of this studio, it was rented.” […]

Towards a marriage between Auchan and Carrefour?

Is it a question of timing or a dispute over the valuation of Auchan that is not going to pass? In any case, since Spring, two major players in mass distribution in France, Carrefour and Auchan, discuss their common future. Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour, announced Thursday in Le Monde, that he was studying several […]