Al Ansari Financial Services offers 10% of its shares on the Dubai Financial Market

Mubasher: Al-Ansari Financial Services Company, which is based in the UAE, said today, Thursday, that it intends to offer 750 million shares on the Dubai Financial Market through an initial public offering, representing 10% of the value of the company’s issued capital.. The company added, in a statement, that the subscription period for the initial […]

Canadian “Aimco” Asset Management explores investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: A company is exploring AimcoCanadian Asset Management, investment opportunities and building relationships with the largest sovereign funds in Abu Dhabi and the world. Evan Sidal, CEO of the company, said that investing in the UAE is one of the attractive offers due to the local currency’s peg to the dollar, as […]

The proposed Polish ban on Russian rubber will cripple the tire industry

LIVE: Poland is pushing for a ban on Russian synthetic rubber to be part of new EU sanctions, which are set to be unveiled on the one-year anniversary of the start of Russia’s military attacks on Ukraine on February 24. And according to the Balkan News Network, which specializes in Eastern European and Eurasian affairs, […]

The UAE stock exchanges gained $ 4.94 billion in the first sessions of the week

Malik Salameh – Mubasher: UAE financial market indices rose at the end of trading today, Monday, in conjunction with the stability of the dollar, the emergence of US job data, and the possibility of the Federal Reserve continuing to raise the interest rate. According to the data of the UAE financial markets, the Dubai Financial […]