Celebrity New Year’s Eve? Hilton in the Bahamas, Decastelo in Cape Verde

The Christmas period and the celebrations of the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year are marked by meetings with relatives and friends. And celebrities are no exception. However, not everyone celebrated traditionally. Who posed next to the tree in sexy lingerie, who was the first Christmas without a loved […]

Agáta Hanychová’s luxurious Christmas and a gift worth 300,000

If there was a competition between celebrities this year to see who got the most expensive gift for Christmas, influencer Agáta Hanychová (37) would be in first place. The expectant mother received a gift from her media mogul partner Jaromír Soukup (53), which she quickly showed off to her fans through her social networks. “So […]

Prachara’s Disgusting Practices: Is This What Sandeva Is Suffering From?

The show We love the Czechia enjoys a large audience. A knowledge competition in which he is regularly in the role of captain Jakub Prachar and Vojta Kitten, but it is losing its reputation. According to some fans, it is Prachař who spoils it. His behavior arouses mixed feelings. Some viewers are literally called. Sara […]

The mystery of the scar on Libor Bouček’s forehead raises questions

The patch with which Libor Bouček (42) hosts yet another episode of the popular show certainly did not escape the attentive spectator. How Bouček got injured is not at all certain! So far, only hints have leaked from the mouths of his friends Vojta Kotek (34) and Jakub Prachara (39). That there was a stitched […]

Mariana Pracharova | Conversation about family and work

Mariana Prachařová (28) comes from famous families of actors. His parents are Dana Batulková and David Prachař, brother Jakub Prachar. She was destined to become a child star herself, but she missed her friends. To this day, they are as important to her as her family. The first thing I thought when I saw her […]

Prachar and Sandeva painted it on Agatha. This just doesn’t cut it!

Less is sometimes more. This also applies in the relationship in which Jakub Prachar with my girlfriend Sarou Sandevou they don’t brag that often, which doesn’t change their love. Prachar’s ex-wife, a model Agata Hanychová, she chooses the opposite procedure and in her relationships, the public, albeit with a certain delay, eventually likes to inform […]

Agáta Hanychová celebrates her 37th birthday: From the Queen of Parties…

The former model and current influencer has never hidden the fact that she cannot be alone. A whole line of men passed through her home. With some she was bound by great love and thought it would be forever, with others only the need for another partner. Let’s take a look at the most important […]

Prachar’s Sandeva probably got lost! More than a clear gesture

Actress Sara Sandeva (24) has been dating actor Jakub Prachař (38) for some time now. Even their families have met. Sara obviously thinks it’s time to move a little further in the relationship, so at least she made it pretty clear. – Sandeva she could not miss the premiere of the film Vyšehrad: Phylm, starring […]

Prachař didn’t do this: I’m sorry that …

At the time it was possible, I hadn’t done anything yet, and when I started doing something, my grandfather evaluated that it was better for him to be only in the cottage, “ he remembered Prachar to grandfather. Everyone remembers him as Trautenberg from Krkonoše fairy tales. Beautiful Sara Sandeva talked to Prachar about her […]

Witowská without napkins about Bouček: BURAN !!!

He ran into it a bit, because he started a controversy over whether he should address the lady first, then Svetlana Witowskaor his two other guests – Olympians Lukáš Rohan and Lukáš Krpálek. “I’ll start in a completely non-gentleman’s way. In the case of etiquette, when a woman meets the president, she must first greet […]