Do you have concerns regarding a worldwide financial meltdown?

The global economy heavily relies on the banking system, making it one of the most significant components of any country’s financial infrastructure. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in the world’s financial sector, leading many to worry about an impending global banking crisis. While banks have faced numerous challenges in the past, the […]

Major banks left scrambling as relief over Credit Suisse deal crumbles.

The banking industry was given a glimmer of hope when Credit Suisse announced a multibillion-dollar deal to settle claims related to its role in helping wealthy Americans evade taxes in 2014. However, that relief was short-lived as the agreement began to unravel, leaving major banks scrambling to assess the potential fallout. This turn of events […]

Amid Turmoil in Banking Sector, ECB Deems Interest Rate Hike ‘Highly Probable’

The European Central Bank (ECB) is reportedly gearing up to increase interest rates in the near future, despite significant turbulence in the banking sector. Recent months have seen several major banks struggling with financial difficulties, with some even facing collapse, prompting concerns about the stability of the financial system. As a result, the ECB’s potential […]

Al Ansari Financial Services offers 10% of its shares on the Dubai Financial Market

Mubasher: Al-Ansari Financial Services Company, which is based in the UAE, said today, Thursday, that it intends to offer 750 million shares on the Dubai Financial Market through an initial public offering, representing 10% of the value of the company’s issued capital.. The company added, in a statement, that the subscription period for the initial […]

Canadian “Aimco” Asset Management explores investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: A company is exploring AimcoCanadian Asset Management, investment opportunities and building relationships with the largest sovereign funds in Abu Dhabi and the world. Evan Sidal, CEO of the company, said that investing in the UAE is one of the attractive offers due to the local currency’s peg to the dollar, as […]