Biden rating updated anti-record –

US President Joe Biden 38% of Americans assess the work of the American leader positively, 53% negatively. The approval rating for US President Joe Biden fell to 38% and became the lowest since the head of the White House in office. Such data on Wednesday, October 6, made public Usa Today, citing a survey conducted […]

United States: Joe Biden is already playing his presidency in Congress

As the great infrastructure and social investment plan arrives before the US Parliament, the stakes are high for President Joe Biden. Explanations. What is the plan Build Back Better ? During his 2020 campaign, Joe Biden promised to “Build back better” America post-Covid: repair major infrastructure, fight against global warming and reduce social and racial […]

Obama, tax rich people like me to fund Biden’s Last Hour agenda

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 28 SEPTEMBER – Barack Obama takes the field in support of the White House in the decisive week for the future of the Biden agenda. “It is necessary to tax the rich a little more, including me, to finance the president’s spending plan – he said in an interview with ABC – […]

This is Xi Jinping’s Cannon, Biden’s Response to the Hong Kong Conflict

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chinese government today, Friday (24/9/2021), announced its new rules to crack down on agencies that the United States claims to interfere with Hong Kong’s autonomy issues. Under the regulation, more than 100 institutions and people are blacklisted by Beijing. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that his party would […]

Biden ‘appoints’ Jokowi to be the main choice here, what’s the problem?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is said to be the choice of United States (US) President Joe Biden. The leader of Uncle Sam, personally, invited Jokowi to attend the Global Covid-19 Summit in the midst of the UN meeting, Wednesday (22/9/2021) night. “Jokowi is one of four world leaders personally selected […]

Biden and Macron discuss AUKUS scandal

Biden and Macron discuss the submarine scandal Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron decided to start bilateral consultations to build trust between the US and France. US and French Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron in a telephone conversation discussed the scandal that arose against the backdrop of the new AUKUS partnership. About it informs White […]

They treated like a dog. Submarine Crisis Press

Experts talk about the loss of confidence in both Joe Biden and NATO due to the new military bloc AUKUS. Western countries are experiencing crisis over Australia decision to abandon the contract with France for submarines in favor of an agreement with the United States and Britain as part of the creation of a new […]

Crucial moment. What Biden talked about at the UN

Biden’s first speech at the General Assembly as President of the United States is considered by many to be the main event of the session. His predecessor used this platform to promote his America First Policy. Joe Biden spoke for the first time at a session of the UN General Assembly as President of the […]

Biden announced the end of the era of war

Biden speaks at the UN General Assembly The American President spoke at the UN General Assembly, outlining future challenges for the United States and the world. US President Joe Biden announced the end of the era of “ruthless wars.” Speaking at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, September 21, he announced the beginning of an […]