If you hate Bulgarians, you also hate Gotse Delchev

In Belgrade, Gotse Delchev street was renamed after “Marshal Tolbukhin” – he was a “Great Bulgarian nationalist” Because another anti-Bulgarian hysteria broke out around the celebrations of Georgi or Gotse Delchev in Skopje, since for decades, especially after 1918, for calling yourself Bulgarian in Macedonia, you were often shot in the back of the head […]

They double the travel expenses for the country

Fuel money will now be refunded based on the combined rather than the average cost of the car To double the minimum amount of daily allowance for business trips within Bulgaria, which enterprises, budgetary organizations, institutions, etc. pay their employees. This foresees a change in the regulation on travel allowances, published for public discussion by […]

Did a camera capture the missing Emil Boev from Pernik?

A new trace of the missing Emil Boev from Pernik. The man was caught on camera walking towards the forest above the city, it was reported NOVA. Volunteers, relatives and friends of the man leave for the place. They are calling for people with thermal imaging cameras to join the search.

Here is the policewoman arrested with half a kilo of marijuana in Razlog

The identity of the detained 25-year-old policewoman, who was caught last night with half a kilogram of marijuana in her private car near Razlog, is now clear. Her name is Simona Luleova from the village of Banya, she works in the capital’s 7th district police department, her sister told bTV. She declined to comment on […]

Why did they burn the Bulgarian flag in Sweden?

Bulgaria is again in an election campaign – the ideal situation for Moscow to introduce new tension in relations with North Macedonia The Russian intelligence agency scrambled the messages. As a result, they burned the Koran in Skopje and the Bulgarian flag in Sweden. This joke appeared at the beginning of last week, when suddenly […]

Italian media told about Ivan from Plovdiv, who died while working in Sardinia

Ivan Hristozov, 38, died in a tragic accident at his workplace in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia, on December 5. More than a month and a half later, the Roman daily “Republika” devoted an article to him, so that his story would not remain only as part of the “banal statistics”. The tragic incident […]