Reason for Opening Daytime Restaurants During Ramadan Suggested by a Saudi Writer

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Saudi writer Ali Al-Shuaibi suggested opening restaurants during the day in the month of Ramadan, and considered this necessary because of women, children and expatriates. Al-Shuaibi said in a tweet to him on his Twitter account: If we assume that Riyadh – for example – has 6 million people, half of whom are […]

Al Ansari Financial Services offers 10% of its shares on the Dubai Financial Market

Mubasher: Al-Ansari Financial Services Company, which is based in the UAE, said today, Thursday, that it intends to offer 750 million shares on the Dubai Financial Market through an initial public offering, representing 10% of the value of the company’s issued capital.. The company added, in a statement, that the subscription period for the initial […]

Canadian “Aimco” Asset Management explores investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: A company is exploring AimcoCanadian Asset Management, investment opportunities and building relationships with the largest sovereign funds in Abu Dhabi and the world. Evan Sidal, CEO of the company, said that investing in the UAE is one of the attractive offers due to the local currency’s peg to the dollar, as […]

One condition for the forces to open up to Basil.. Will it be fulfilled?!

The “Lebanese Forces” and the “Free Patriotic Movement” parties intersect over the “same goal” these days, which is to “cut off the Baabda road” against the head of the “Marada” movement, Suleiman Franjieh, for various reasons. The former is considered “Bey Zgharta”, the candidate of “Hezbollah”. , and he refuses to support him based on […]

Passports announces the opening of the door for admission to military jobs for men at the rank of “soldier” … and reveals the conditions and date for submission

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The General Directorate of Passports, represented by the General Administration of Central Admission at the Agency of the Ministry of Interior for Military Affairs, announced the opening of admission and registration for military jobs (men) at the rank of (soldier). the conditions: 1- The applicant must be of Saudi origin and origin, with […]

Saudi Airlines announces the opening of registration for vacancies

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Saudi Arabian Airlines announced through its website (the employment portal) the start of registration for vacancies (men / women) in the recruitment fair held at Effat University (the twenty-second annual career day) for the year 2023 AD. Required majors: – Business Management. – HR. – Public Administration. Communication and media. – the law. […]