Setya Novanto Viral Has 2 Cellphones in Sukamiskin Prison, Kalapas Opens Voice

Setya Novanto appears to have a cell phone inside the Sukamiskin Prison. (Source: ANTARA/Personal Documentation) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – A photo of Setya Novanto who was seen carrying two cellphones at the Sukamiskin Prison in Bandung, West Java, has gone viral on social media. The phone appears to have been placed on the table. In response, […]

Atta Halilintar Gives New Rules to Him, Aurel Hermansyah Surrenders: My Husband Is Nagging

PR TASIKMALAYA – Young couple Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah going to honeymoon for the second time. This was done as an effort to strengthen relationship Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah post -miscarriage. Before leaving for Poor, Aurel Hermansyah prepare the clothes to be brought along Atta Halilintar. Also Read: Wendi Cagur Had a Scary […]

Poor men with hair on their chests!

Never before has there been a paradox like the one we see these days. The metrosexual man, who flourished in the mid-1990s by stripping male breasts –among other things– of their head of hair, continues to be a current fashion; You just have to see the torso of the winner of the recent Eurovision Song […]

Malang Kindergarten Teachers Received by 24 Debt Collectors, OJK Intervened

Jakarta – Financial Fervices Authority (OJK) through the Head of the Malang OJK Office, Sugiarto Kasmuri, on Wednesday (19/5/2021) met Susmiati, a kindergarten teacher in Malang who was caught in a loan from fintech lending. The OJK meeting with Susmiati was also attended by the Mayor of Malang Sutiaji who also gave attention to this […]

24 Debt Collector Pinjol Terror Kindergarten Teachers in Malang, How Sad?

Poor – After 13 years of serving as a kindergarten teacher in Malang, Melati had to become an undergraduate. This requirement is required by the kindergarten where Melati teaches. By holding the S-1 title, Melati can become a classroom teacher, no longer a companion teacher. At the request of the school, Melati finally took the […]

Love Triangle Allegedly to Be Burned Motive of Beautiful Nurse in Malang

Poor – Who did the arson? beautiful nurse Eva Sofiana Wijayanti (33), is still a puzzle. However, a temporary investigation revealed the existence the love triangle behind the arson. To confirm this suspicion, the police are currently investigating anyone related to the victim. “We are still investigating this case, the investigation is still ongoing. We […]