What are the categories covered by the program to support those who fail to pay the rent?.. Witness: “An official” replies

Al-Marsad newspaper: The director of the defaulters’ support department, Rakan Al-Mutairi, explained the categories covered by the defaulters’ support program. He said, during a telephone interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel, “There are 4 categories that the support includes, and they are the families of the deceased, the prisoner, the sick and the financially weak.” He stressed […]

Three days to donate blood in the village of Redon

A new blood collection is scheduled for early 2023, a redon (Ille-et-Vilaine), Thursday 5 and Friday 6 January, as well as in Allaire (Loire-Atlantique) on Saturday 7 January. Blood supplies “in critical condition” Donations are all the more important in the current difficult socio-economic context and in the recrudescence of viruses that affect the attendance […]

Everyone in Europe will pay for CO2 emissions

ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 09:07•Edited today, 10:46 The bullet went through the church last night after lengthy negotiations. Residents of the European Union have to pay for the greenhouse gases they emit. This means that every time you refuel and if the heating is on, you have to pay due to the harmful substances that are released as […]

Sint shopped earlier this year, ‘Black Friday may have had an influence’

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 20:08 Sinterklaas bought presents long before this year’s gorgeous evening, presumably because he still wanted to take advantage of last week’s Black Friday deals. Normally, he only goes to the shop for gifts on the Saturday before Pakjesavond or on December 5, says the Dutch Payments Association. On Thursday, the number of […]

Nurses in Britain prepare for unprecedented strike |

London ∙ Nurses employed by the government in Great Britain go on strike on 15 and 20 December to demand a salary increase. This is the first time in a century that the nurses union has gone on strike. This is in a situation where there have been many discussions with the government but no […]

Toyota launches advanced and fuel-efficient all-wheel drive… Check it out

Toyota unveiled the new Innova, which it designed to be both a large and sophisticated family SUV. The new car has undergone some external changes compared to previous Innova cars, as it has been equipped with new LED lamps, and some additions have been made in the form of shock absorbers and air intakes in […]