New York Stocks: Little Movement in Early Trading | 07/22/21

NEW YORK (awp international) – The US stock exchanges presented themselves inconsistently and without major fluctuations in early trading on Thursday. While the leading index Dow Jones Industrial fell 0.16 percent to 34,742 points, the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 rose 0.43 percent to 14,907 points. The market-wide S&P 500 stepped on the spot with 4358 points. […]

Oil cheaper by 7% –

Oil prices have fallen the most since March Oil fell 7% during trading on Monday, marking the biggest price drop since March after the OPEC + group agreed to gradually increase production, BNR reported. This has provoked new concerns about the supply of black gold amid growing coronavirus infections in a number of countries, which […]

ADEQAT mediates with ERGO Versicherung

New residential construction and commercial project in Vienna’s suburbs goes to ERGO Versicherung – handover and closing will take place on July 9th Vienna (OTS) – The real estate and investment brokerage company ADEQAT Investment Services successfully brokered the new residential and commercial project “Am Triestingpark 1” in Münchendorf on the outskirts of Vienna to […]

The searched Maradjiev: If they don’t stop, we will block the Plovdiv-Sofia railway line

Georgi Maradjiev GERB’s coordinator for the Plovdiv region and Stamboliyski mayor Georgi Maradjiev, whose home, office and family factory were searched today on suspicion of election trafficking, threatened to block the railway line to Sofia if repression against him did not stop. As it turned out earlier today, investigators were looking for lists of names. […]

“Turn to Asia” called inevitable in Belarus

Photo: Reuters (archived photo) The prime minister of Belarus said that “a turn to Asia is inevitable” Belarus will continue to supply products to the EU that are not subject to sanctions, but in the future it will reorient itself to the Asian market. Belarus will continue to supply products to the EU that are […]

Switzerland is isolated from the European Union

While Britain’s departure from the European Union has attracted a great deal of media attention, another breakup is taking place in the European area relatively inconspicuously. Switzerland has recently shown that it is not interested in further rapprochement with the community. All indications are that Brussels will now take a tougher stance on it, and […]

Sandi Asks Homestay Managers at Borobudur to Synergize

Sandiaga Asks Borobudur Homestay Managers to Collaborate on Awakening Tourism REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno encouraged homestay managers around Candi Borobudur to synergize with each other in generating tourism. One of them by not doing a price war. Sandiaga asked homestay owners not to compete on price. On […]