Édouard Philippe found Jean Castex in Le Havre

Posted on 01/22/2021 at 6:11 p.m. Politics. A strong image in front of a mastodon. On the docks of Port 2000, at the foot of the container ship “Jacques-Saadé”, Jean Castex found, Friday January 22, 2021, the one who left him the keys of Matignon on July 3. Édouard Philippe does not exclusively like boxing. […]

Australia. Fugitive found naked in crocodile infested area

Kevin Joiner and Cam Faust were fishing on Sunday afternoon near Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory of theAustralia, in a mangrove area infested with crocodiles. When they heard calls for help from a man, who was covered in mud and mosquito bites, local media reported. “We didn’t understand what he was doing there”Kevin […]

Norway. Seven bodies already found after a landslide

Rescue norwegian found a seventh body in the rubble on Sunday, four days after a landslide northeast of Oslo, police said, who are still actively searching for three missing. “The hope of finding survivors in the landslide area is still there. It is therefore still a rescue operation until it is decided otherwise ”police official […]

a member of the nursing staff found him hanging from his bed

Posted on Saturday, December 26, 2020 at 8:31 p.m. An 80-year-old man hospitalized in hospital in Vienne, France, because of the coronavirus, ended his life this Friday afternoon, several French media announced. According to France Bleu, the 80-year-old patient was found at the foot of his bed by a member of the nursing staff. He […]

more than 1,500 people help an Aragonese to find his backpack

“We are going to put Facebook to the test.” With these words, on December 13, Ramón Ferrer, the Huesca photographer, known and loved by lovers of mountain races, informed his large group of friends of this social network that he had “forgotten on the ground in a street in Jaca “his backcountry ski backpack. “Inside […]

Another genetically modified corona virus in the UK; Reported to be more dangerous

London: A genetically modified corona virus has also been found in the UK. The virus was found in two people from South Africa. Recent reports suggest that the virus may be more contagious than those found in the UK. With this, people from South Africa were banned in Britain. Read Exclusive COVID-19 Coronavirus News updates, […]

Krefelder sentenced to life imprisonment for murder

December 15, 2020 at 3:05 pm Murder trial without a corpse : Krefelder sentenced to life imprisonment for murder In the “murder trial without a corpse” a Krefeld man was sentenced to life imprisonment. Photo: dpa / Bernd Thissen Essen A woman from Gelsenkirchen disappears without a trace. Your body will never be found. Now […]

Kunstmuseum Bern Masterpieces – Kunstmuseum Bern

Catalogs / books / DVD 175 masterpieces were selected from the immense inventory of over 3,000 paintings, sculptures and objects – including top-class works of Swiss and international art from the late 13th century to the present day. In addition to the highlights of European art history from the Art Museum’s collection, presented chronologically and […]

In Orne, a third horse found killed and mutilated

For breeders and owners of horses in the Orne, the black series continues. On the morning of Sunday, November 22, 2020, a mare was found dead in her meadow, in Gouffern-en-Auge, on the territory of the delegated municipality of Villebadin. His corpse was mutilated, “With wounds which do not deceive as regards the will of […]

In Orne, a horse found dead and mutilated

At la House of the Perche Natural Park, on the territory of the new town of Perche-en-Nocé (Orne), horses graze on the sixty hectares which surround the manor of Courboyer. It is here, on the territory of the delegated municipality of Nocé, that the mutilated corpse of an equine was found, Saturday, November 21, 2020, […]