In Australia, victims of abuse will be paid money

Australian authorities will pay money for breaking relations with abuser The Australian authorities believe that the money will help the victims temporarily solve their problems and rent a new apartment in order to move out of the abuser. The Australian government will pay A $ 5,000 ($ 3,700) to victims of toxic family relationships. Funds […]

Tips, how do you tax them? Here’s how they can get into the tax return

The road is drawn. The mance, ruled the Court of Cassation, are part of the salary and, therefore, must be taxed like the rest of the income. But the next question is: how to do it? In most cases, from pizzerias, bars, hairdressers to taxi drivers, it is a matter of a few euros that […]

Goodbye 500 euros and new cash ceiling in Europe

In a position paper sent to the European Commission, five EU countries (Italy, France, Spain, Holland and Belgium) have asked for the removal of the 500 euro banknote and to place a maximum limit of 5 thousand euros for cash payments throughout the European Union. Two measures, according to the proponents, against money laundering within […]

Is it true that cash can transmit Covid-19? This is the Fact

loading… JAKARTA – Cash is believed to be a medium Covid-19 contagion . This led to a drastic change in the way people use money today. To find out how long the infection Covid-19 survive on coins and banknotes, the researchers examined various coins and banknotes with a solution containing the virus and observed how […]

Toxic ice cream at Auchan, Carrefour and Metro. What products have been withdrawn

Metro Cash & Carry Romania, Carrefour and Auchan withdraw from marketing several types of ice cream produced by the Polish company Froneri, because it has ethylene oxide in the additive used – carob gum, according to the announcements posted on the website of the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority and for Food Safety (ANSVSA). ”We inform […]

Two countries lost their voting rights in the UN GA – media

Photo: Iran and CAR will be without voting rights in the UN General Assembly until they pay off debt Iran and the Central African Republic have large arrears in payment of monetary contributions to the organization’s budget. Iran and the Central African Republic have been denied the right to vote in the UN General […]

The volume of transfers to Ukraine increased by a quarter

Photo: Money transfers to Ukraine increased In April, remittances to Ukraine from abroad increased sharply, despite the fact that before that they had been declining. In April 2021, the volume of private transfers to Ukraine from abroad amounted to $ 1,093 million. This is 26.4% more than a year earlier ($ 865 million). This […]

Sharp drop in foreign investment in America …

The covid-19 pandemic arrived on an already damaged Latin American economic scenario, among other things, because of the very poor management of several right-wing governments They did not solve one of the pending tasks and ruined much of what had been built in the previous decade. “Populism” showed a long better performance than the conservative […]

▷ HZA-IZ: Customs in Schleswig-Holstein – The balance sheet for 2020

10.05.2021 – 09:00 Main customs office Itzehoe A document 210510Bilanzheft-S-H2020.pdfPDF – 790 kB Kiel / Itzehoe (ots) The main customs offices in Kiel and Itzehoe took stock of 2020 on May 10, 2021. In addition to the announcement of the annual balance sheet, the management of both main customs offices – Francesca Ramus for the […]

Facebook will launch its own digital currency | There are a thousand …

Last week there was a crash in the price of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin lost $ 15,000 in a couple of days. More than 200 billion dollars of market capitalization were lost, a sum equivalent to half of Argentina’s GDP. The volatility of digital currencies again generates controversy among economists and, again, the same question is reinforced: […]