Last Minute: Christian Eriksen shared his first post from the hospital and told about his latest situation! He gave the good news himself…

Last Minute: Christian Eriksen shared his first post from the hospital and told about his latest situation!  He gave the good news himself…

Christian Eriksen, who died in the fight between Denmark and Finland in Group B in the European Championship, shared his first photo from the hospital where his treatment continues and sent a message to those who supported him.

Sharing on his personal social media account, the Danish football player said, “Hello everyone. Thank you all for your sweet and incredible messages from all over the world. All of them mean a lot to me and my family. My condition is good under the current conditions. I have to go through a series of checks at the hospital. “But I feel good. I will support my teammates in the coming games. Play for all of Denmark.” used his statements.



Christian Eriksen, who gave his first interview to the Italian press after his heart attack in the Finland match, said, “I thank you all for your support. I feel better and I haven’t given up on anything. Of course, I want to understand what happened first.” he had given his message.


In the match played between Denmark and Finland in EURO 2020, Christian Eriksen suddenly found himself on the ground. Paramedics immediately intervened in Christian Eriksen, who lost consciousness and passed out.

Eriksen, who was intervened by the medical teams for about 10 minutes, was also given cardiac massage. After a long intervention, Eriksen was taken to the locker room on a stretcher accompanied by all the football players and the technical team, and then it was announced that his condition was good.

Last Minute: Christian Eriksen shared his first post from the hospital and told about his latest situation. He gave the good news personally...


Danish National Team Doctor Morten Boesen talked about the unfortunate moments of Christian Eriksen. Doctor Boesen described what happened after Christian Eriksen collapsed to the ground and his struggle for life as a close witness.

Stating that Eriksen’s health situation changed in an instant, Danish National Team Doctor Morten Boesen said, “We were called to the field when Eriksen fell to the ground, he was breathing when we went to him, we felt his pulse, but this situation changed very quickly. We started to intervene to keep him alive. Fortunately, he held on to life. ” said.


Last Minute: Christian Eriksen shared his first post from the hospital and told about his latest situation. He gave the good news personally...


While the condition of Inter’s star Christian Eriksen, who collapsed to the ground after having a heart attack in the 42nd minute of Denmark’s fight against Finland in EURO 2020, got better and better, bad news came from the doctors about the career of the star football player.

After collapsing on the ground, the 29-year-old football player, who was given CPR for about 10 minutes and then removed from the field on a stretcher, was a cardiologist when he played in Tottenham. Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Eriksen football He mentioned the difficulty of continuing his career.



England National News Speaking to his agency, Sharma said, “Obviously, a lot of things went wrong when he collapsed, but they managed to turn him back. The main question here is: What happened and why? I’m glad he’s getting better now and waking up, but can he play football again? “I honestly don’t know. Before I can say anything clear, we should not ignore this: Eriksen died for a few minutes, but will the experts let him die once again? Absolutely not,” he said.


Sharma said that the Danish football player will live, but he does not know how the rest of his career will take shape. “The heart attack shook the whole world and that’s the truth. It affected the souls of many people, not just the Danish players. The good news for Eriksen is that he will live. The bad news was towards the end of his career. A “I can’t say if he can play a more professional game, but if he was playing in England, we wouldn’t be too strict about it and let him play.”

Last Minute: Christian Eriksen shared his first post from the hospital and told about his latest situation. He gave the good news personally...



Another expert cardiologist, British Dr. Scott Murray, on the other hand, emphasized that Italy prohibited athletes from returning to sports after suffering a heart disease and that they had enacted this issue.

Murray said, “This discomfort that Eriksen has experienced will probably bring the end of his football career. The Italians forbid an athlete from returning to sports if they are convinced that he has suffered a significant heart disease and serious damage to the heart. They supported this with the law,” said Murray. He mentioned the difficulty of continuing his career.


Dr. Stating that Italy has been using this procedure for nearly 20 years, Scott Murray said, “By doing this, they succeeded in reducing the death rate from 3 percent to less than 1 percent. Italians have one of the systems that best detects heart diseases in the world. Eriksen also had a heart attack.” “It shows how serious the situation is. Cristian plays for an Italian team and has to take all the tests before he can return to football.”


Stating that Eriksen’s illness will raise awareness in a positive sense in the world, Scott Murray said, “If you can get quick medical help during heart disease, your life can be saved. Everyone needs to learn how to do artificial respiration and how to intervene in such cases. This problem is now a world-famous football player. “It happened to him, but every football player can experience it. The faster we realize this, the easier we can deal with such problems,” he said.

Last Minute: Christian Eriksen shared his first post from the hospital and told about his latest situation. He gave the good news personally...


Denmark captain Simon Kjaer was the first responder to Eriksen and prevented the player from choking on his tongue. Afterwards, paramedics entered the field and it was seen that the Danish football player was given CPR. During the intervention, the importance of the AED device came to the fore.


The device stands for Automatic External Defibrillator. It automatically recognizes ventricular fibrillation, which is a vital rhythm disorder, and performs the task of bringing the heart back to life by giving an electroshock. It is known that there are OED devices in stadiums and airports.


The OED / AED automatic defibrillator device is affixed to the patient’s bare chest of disposable pads. Then, the device is expected to analyze the patient’s heart rhythm (ECG) and if the device recommends defibrillation (shock), if the device is semi-automatic, by pressing the “defibrillation” button; If it is fully automatic, it is realized by the device itself.

The AED automatic external defibrillator device is designed to be used by anyone who has no medical training but only first aid training knowledge. In the perfect world, everyone should receive training in the use of AEDs (automatic defibrillators) and CPR (to cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

The automatic defibrillator guides and assists the user with visual and voice commands. The average time for an ambulance to arrive at the scene is 10 to 12 minutes, and every minute is very important during this time. A person with sudden cardiac arrest has a very low chance of surviving 10 minutes without an AED and CPR.

Last Minute: Christian Eriksen shared his first post from the hospital and told about his latest situation. He gave the good news personally...


Defibrillation is part of basic life support; It is a life-saving procedure to end the irregular vibrations in the myocardium by giving electric current to the heart with a defibrillator and to ensure that the heart functions normally. In VF or pulseless VT, defibrillation applied within 20-30 seconds converts nearly 100% to sinus rhythm. Each minute of delay reduces the Chance of success by 10%. In 10 minutes delay, the chance of survival is close to 0%. After the development of cardiac arrest with VF or pulseless VT, the death rate increases by 7-10% for each minute until defibrillation. If defibrillation is started later, the patient’s chance of surviving also decreases; If cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation are started after the first 10 minutes, only one out of every 250 patients can be saved.


Associate Professor Muhammed Keskin shared the medical device that brought Christian Eriksen back to life on his social media account: “The device that brought Eriksen back to life: Automatic External Defibrillator (OED) It automatically recognizes ventricular fibrillation, which is a vital rhythm disorder, and returns the heart to life by giving electroshock. but it should be wherever people are in mass.” used his statements.


share your favorite moment from a podcast

share your favorite moment from a podcast

Spotify improves its sharing functions and more specifically concerning podcasts hosted on its platform.

Subscribers will be able to choose up to the minute the moment of a show they want to share on their favorite social network (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and by messages), the firm announced on its blog. As is already the case on Instagram, Internet users can click on the icon of the podcast shared as an Instagram story and will be redirected to Spotify to listen to the show at the desired time. IOS and Android users can already take advantage of this new feature, Spotify announced, but for the moment the option is not available in France.

With the explosion of the podcast market, Spotify clearly wants to develop communication around its audio program offering and stimulate engagement on its platform at the same time. “You can now share podcast episodes from a specific point in time, to make sure your friends are listening to that part they should like,” Spotify says in its announcement. A good way to capitalize on the current trend.

Spotify Canvas on Instagram:
In addition to being able to choose and share a particular moment in a podcast on different platforms, Spotify also revealed that users will be able to share Canvas, these looping video montages that illustrate certain songs, on Snapchat and Instagram. Users will even be able to preview the render before posting the video in Story format. “According to a survey of Spotify users, around 40% of musical discoveries are attributed to social networks, which means that social networks are a key resource for our users,” added Spotify.


Anti-terrorism. Laurent Nuñez advocates “better information sharing” with the

Anti-terrorism.  Laurent Nuñez advocates “better information sharing” with the

“We work with the world of psychiatry, there are reflections that are underway. Our idea is that we could have better information sharing. ” The national intelligence coordinator, Laurent Nuñez, pleads for more bridges between the intelligence services and psychiatry in the fight against terrorism.

When an individual “Clearly is under the influence of religious radicalization, […] consults a psychiatrist and also reports psychiatric disorders, we have the weakness to think […] that it might be useful for intelligence services to be able to benefit ” of this information, added this Monday April 26 on France Inter, the former director general of internal security (DGSI).

“Certain individuals, who can be fragile, have psychological disorders at some point in their life, are undoubtedly more easily influenced and more permeable to this kind of thesis and we would be very irresponsible not to tackle this problem”, he continued, three days later the attack on Rambouillet by an assailant presenting “Personality disorders” .

A new anti-terrorism bill introduced on Wednesday

Jamel Gorchene, the Tunisian who killed Stéphanie M. with a knife on Friday, administrative officer at the Rambouillet police station (Yvelines), had benefited at his request from two psychiatric consultations on February 19 and 23, without leading to hospitalization or treatment. His father, currently in police custody with two cousins ​​of the assailant, had observed “Behavioral problems in her son at the start of the year”, according to the national anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-François Ricard, and members of his family in Tunisia spoke of a “Depression”.

The new anti-terrorism bill which will be presented on Wednesday by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin proposes that the prefects, responsible for monitoring radicalized people in their department, should henceforth also be recipients of information relating to their psychiatric care.


Tod’s, LVMH buys 2.25 million shares and rises to 10% – Ultima Ora

Tod’s, LVMH buys 2.25 million shares and rises to 10% – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 22 – “LVMH increases the stake already held in Tod’s by up to 10%”; “With this operation, the twenty-year friendship between the Arnault family and the Della Valle family is consolidated”, announces a note.

Diego Della Valle & C, a company controlled by Diego Della Valle, has signed a contract with Delphine, a company wholly owned by LVMH, for the sale of 2,250,000 Tod’s shares, equal to 6.80% of the share capital. LVMH already owns 3.2% of Tod’s capital. Following the completion of the transaction, which will be followed on April 28, Diego Della Valle will hold, directly and indirectly, a stake equal to 63.64% of the share capital of Tod’s and LVMH will hold a stake equal to 10.00% ” .

“The friendship with Diego Della Valle and his family dates back over 20 years. It is a strong bond, cemented by common human and professional values. We are very happy to strengthen this partnership even more”, comments Bernard Arnault.

And Diego Della Valle says: “” I am very happy, with this operation, to consolidate a friendship that has binded me and my family to Bernard and his family for over 20 years. Sharing the values ​​of luxury, quality and product desirability could be an excellent reason to think about possible opportunities to be seized together in the future “. (ANSA).