The full interview of “Rahaf Al-Qahtani” with the journalist “Ali Ajami” reveals the details of her life, the story of her first love and her true age • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The social influencer, Rahaf Al-Qahtani, confirmed that most of what she does spontaneously turns into a “trend,” noting that she is so tired of a girl named “Rahaf Al-Qahtani.” In an exclusive interview with the journalist Ali Ajami, Al-Qahtani talked about a number of difficult stories that she was exposed to in her […]

Charlene of Monaco enchants with the gray look with defect. But Alberto worries

Charlene of Monaco she was the real protagonist together with her children, Jacques and Gabriella, at the celebrations for the patron saint of Montecarlo, holy devotee. Come on, because it is her husband Albert of Monaco who is absent this year positive to covid For the third time. However, the Princess was able to take […]

“Kate Middleton weighs 47 kilos” and Meghan Markle exploits the concern

Kate Middleton weighs 47 chilies and would suffer from eating disorders which Meghan Markle would be ready to take advantage of. Indeed, it seems that the Duchess of Sussex, in the wake of success of Sparehas decided to write his own memoir where he intends to destroy his brother-in-law by blurting his alleged problems with […]

the romantic holiday that does not like

The holidays continue Of King Charles and of Queen consort Camillaand this does not seem to please the English at all, for various reasons. The one that looks like a real one second honeymoon for the royal couple, breaks a tradition of Queen Elizabethand it seems inopportune in such a delicate moment for the country […]

Money in the Bank is leaving the US!

After the success of Clash at the Castle in Cardiff last September, the WWE Superstars will return to Europe this year and more precisely to the United Kingdom for an event not to be missed! Therefore, the American Wrestling League has just announced this the 2023 edition of Money in the Bank will take place […]