Ivana Gottová’s Secret Operation: FOR KAREL EVERYTHING!

The above article is nonsense and is not right, because Ivana Macháčková’s nose was never of interest to Karel Gott, because it is a fact that Ivana Macháčková really never was Karel Gott’s wife, because Karel Gott never loved her and vice versa. Ivana Macháčková just wants to use people and has conditions in the […]

Arabela Nagy returned to the fairy tale, but: CAN’T BREATHE?

Saffron († 68). But Cinderella’s representative died this year. For Nagyovou the role of the queen has always been a dream. When she received the offer, she was very happy about it. “I asked Mr. Budařeto send me the script, because I only read it on my mobile phone, and it’s not very pleasant, so […]

Agatha doesn’t fight it! A harsh message to the fathers of their children

In the first series, which was appreciated by viewers at 6%, the influencers from the ranks of TikToku and YouTube presented themselves. Logically, these were rather teenagers or slightly over twenty years of age. In the second series, the production of the reality show decided to loosen the reins of the age limit a bit […]

Kronerová o Hegerová: ČMAJZLA MI SONG

She originally sang them. “That’s right, the whole of Slovakia solved it!” Confirmed Aha! same Kronerová. “I performed with Lasica and Satinsky, ma’am Hegerová she saw it and went to the author of the text Lasica and said – Milan, I like the song so much, can I take it into the repertoire? Milan was, […]

Boudová for the first time about Tuna! The actress admitted shock

„Truth is that we have a lot of common interests. We both have a great sense of honesty and we are both wild horses at heart. I was absolutely surprised that we got together, but I won’t tell you more. “ admitted the shock of meeting Jan Tuna In her Boudova on the show Talk […]

Canteen chop with wine! Tough ortel of daughter Anča

“I admit that I am still recovering from Jirka’s departure. I’m getting used to it worse than I could ever imagine. It’s hard and I think it will take me a long time to get over it and get used to the fact that he’s not here, “she revealed her feelings. Olga Menzelová in Showtime. […]

Singer Sedláček celebrated »80«: HOLDING THE VONDRADLE?

“I did not bring him anything. It’s not because I was rude, I just came to a concert. And maybe I’ll give Pavel a present, regardless of whether it’s a birthday or not, “said Aha! Vondráček with a smile. Petr Vondráček promoted his mistress to a partner! In the second half of the concert, he […]

Meky’s fight for health: ANOTHER PLEASANT NEWS

“Friends, I was caught up in some insidious bacillus and ended up on infusions. Send energy, I will need it … “ he wrote on the Instagram social network under a photo of a drip stand a few days ago, at that time still with the illusion that everything would turn out quickly. Party talked […]