Kopál († 49) lost the fight for his life: His partner Zounar mourns …

According to information from Aha! on instruments and fought coronavirus. “Dan is in a critical condition in a hospital on a breathing apparatus and the prognoses are unfortunately very uncertain,” said the administrator of the Celtic Facebook page, with which Kopál cooperated. His chubby and always smiling TV chef lost his fight for life on […]

Zagor doesn’t seem! So the fans didn’t expect this

The actress was a surprise to many Jiřina Bohdalová (89), which entered the world of social networks and is already gathering a fan base here. Another fixture of Czech show business conquering Instagram is the singer Hana Zagorová (74). Zagorova and Margita at the funeral Pilars: Eva deserves the highest admiration On the day of […]

Borhy is hunted by the competition! I can finish every day, says Lucie

„Fear “it’s probably not exactly the right word, but rather a moment that one has to reckon with every day,” she thought Lucie Borhyová (42) on the topic of a possible end in novice news on the pages of Story magazine. “We started in the summer of 1999 as a new fresh couple, I was […]

New reinforcement Slunečné Kociánová: She will cut a fake partner

It rarely happens for an actress to play an actress. Kristýna Kociánová (35), whom the audience knows as her sister Mirka from the Surgery in the Rose Garden, enters the series Slunečná to save Tom, played by Filip Blažek (47). There is a danger that if he does not show his girlfriend, he may lose […]

When a guy rules at home! How does Matuš take care of his little girl?

“We go for walks in the woods regularly. From the found mushrooms, I cooked Lucinka kulajda, which she loves very much. I’m trying to keep Lucka in the fresh air, “he revealed Matuš Super.cz. It can be seen that Bohuš’s help in the household pays off for Lucinka. He also revealed where he took Lucinka […]

Burešová turns every duck! My son is my highest priority

At one point, the money didn’t look good at all. “I had a long break in the past, but fortunately it started again for work, anyway, the period when I counted every crown was here,” Eva told the eXtra.cz website. Fortunately, thanks to the proper upbringing of her mother, the actress always knew how to […]

Compensation for Prymula? She is amazing and brave, says Csáková

However, the singer came, unlike the proposals of others, with a potential minister of health. “This is my Minister of Health !!!! Soňa Peková, “said Casáková. Molecular geneticist Peková, nicknamed by some Jan Hus in skirts, is of the opinion that the coronavirus will disappear by Christmas. However, these predictions do not meet with the […]

Breaking up with Radek behind the door? The incredible decision of White!

She likes to maintain friendly relations with expartners and still considers some former loves to be soul mates. “I was lucky to have three fateful men who still have a role in my life and play a role in it. And these three men, Petr Kratochvíl, Václav Noid Bárta (39) a Petr Makovička, they are […]

Shock for Liška and Poláková fans: Did the actor marry another ?!

The actor commented on the film on the social network as follows: “Oh,” only now has it gone through! Yes, it happened during the holidays. And the boulevard spoiled it… ha! Yours, Pavel, not Liška, but Richter, a wanderer, good luck, “the actor joked with his followers. But many of them were really very confused. […]

Model Ireland Baldwin: Look at me HERE, I’ve already voted!

The daughter of Alec Baldwin (62) and Kim Basinger (66) is clear about the new US president. And that she called off, the model Ireland (25) made it known in a truly original and bold way: she took a picture without top and put badges on the nipples with the inscription “I voted”, ie “I […]