Dáda Patrasová (64) revealed: How Felix takes care of me

The whole family met Štěpán’s son Felix Jr. (36), so Dad she finally saw her grandchildren. Due to quarantine, they have not preferred much contact in recent months. “The son then went to our cottage. And then I was taken care of by my husband, who always took care of shopping anyway. We see each […]

Party Burešová and Lambory! And Forejt served them love …

New Year’s Eve at Nova was in the spirit of the show Your face has a familiar voice. In a pre-recorded special Burešová with his co-participants Ondřej Sokol (49) a Aleš Háma (47) held a party in the studio, where the star guests came to see them. One of them was the winner of Face […]

She probably had no such criticism: Rolins under fire! What did she do?

“I enjoy being naked. I have always liked the tastefully presented nudity. And I mean, these things don’t change much with age. I enjoy sex more than ever before and the advantage of a mature age is that I don’t find it strange to talk about it. And I no longer feel a single limit […]

Photographer Jan Saudek (85): He lost everything, but he has millions again!

He agreed that his wife Pavlína (40) would bring him from Prague. “Fortunately, D1 did not resist. I went through the exhibition, most of them are prostitutes, and at the same time I also know animals, children and landscapes, “he told the daily Aha! Saudek. He has a fond memory of the former Gottwald. “I […]

Is he a prophet? Csáková leaned sharply into it!

When various opinions recently met in an internet discussion on whether the vaccination of citizens of the Czech Republic is a good idea, one in question stated that he would introduce it voluntarily. However, if someone refuses and gets sick, they will pay for the treatment themselves. It was on this post that she went […]

That’s a lot about Dominica! It’s not fun anymore, grumbles Jágr

He is not behind the wheel while driving, but his partner. “When you’re younger, riding is like relaxation, fun, adrenaline. But the older you get, the more you realize that it’s an unnecessary loss of energy, “said the hockey player for Blesk and Svět motorů, who also owns” papers “for the tractor! Riding in a […]

She simply can choose! A new man next to Vondráčková

“It’s true that there are a lot of songs on the Rose, about eighteen, so it came together,” she admitted. Vondráčková. Even this time, when it comes to choosing a partner for the clip, the singer did not reach for it. In the new clip, she will play her boyfriend Man of the Year 2017 […]